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bronze-nazarethHeritage and hard work have gotten Bronze Nazareth in a position to create a sound Hip Hop is turning to. With every album and mixtape, Bronze the Producer is setting high marks few are able to follow. As a Wu-Element, Bronze Nazareth keeps his art true to his soil, true to his life.

You’re from Detroit. Do you still live there?  Since the economy has gone bad, how’s the Hip Hop scene in Detroit? What’s changed?

Yes I still live there. The Hip Hop scene hasn’t changed much, there’s always two-sides to every scene. The response follows the economy, like if it’s down, less people buy music less people at shows. But the sounds are still of high quality with a strong scene, and super talented artists. Detroit is a hip hop mecca, serious talent out here.

You dropped 2 projects in 2014. Willie The Kid + Bronze Nazareth – The Living Daylights. Tell us how this project happened and what you gained from its release and hype?

Bronze/Willie came together just out of a respect for each other’s music. We’re from the same city and it was long overdue. An abundance of quality coming together I’d say. I think we both were able to dabble in each other’s followings and collect some more listeners. Also I think it’s another piece or evidence rather that in me, you have one of the best producer’s in history, with great range. All my work albeit under-promoted, is going to be one of the best production catalogs ever, when I’m done. “Living Daylights” was a fresh new piece to this.

You also dropped Thought For Food Vol. 3. What ingredients did you put into Thought For Food Vol. 3? Production, guest appearances? What’s the concept behind Thought For Food?

TFF3 is new as in I used all original beats, it was originally a mixtape format, but that shit is pretty much dead. Plus using beats other artists used isn’t appealing to me anymore, why not make fresh work? So I did. All new sounds top to bottom on TFF3. I still used outside producers and all but it’s more like an album now. Some good sounds on there, though. Checkout the video for “Blenders”, “Hanging On”, “JJ Evans”, it’s all fresh new sounds. TFF3 concept is me giving you my thoughts (writings, verses, experiences) for “food”, and I’m alluding to income/earning a living by food. I give you quality art, you help me live off it. It’s me and my promise to my fans/supporters/listeners.

Your rhymes are intelligent. Your delivery is street! Tell us more about your background before you started writing rhymes. Did you get good grades? Did you like to study? Did you have perfect attendance? Where did you grow up exactly?

I grew up pretty normal, not a poor family, but blue collar middle class. My Dad worked hard, everyday working. Mom had her own business painting ceramics (detailed painting, not just basic). We were in the city though, just getting by as a family and my solace was always music. I did have good grades, school came easy to me. No perfect attendance, because I was sick a lot. I did a bit of skipping and running wild in high school. Grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan which is 2 hours from Detroit.

Do you love producing tracks or writing and spitting rhymes more? Why?

I like writing more because it’s more of a challenge to come up with bars that impress mentally. To me it’s less challenging to make a beat in the sense that, the music is already there if I’m sampling, and from scratch, the notes are there. I just have to play and arrange them. Writing is like starting from scratch, nothing is there already, so anything that I can defeat that poses a challenge, gives me more pride.

What are you working on right now?

I’m wrapping up an album with Canibus, out 5-12-15. It’s completely nasty! I got another solo coming, it’s untitled right now. I’ve got an album we just finished with myself and PR (Dom P) from Killarmy. Also my Wisemen are dropping all Summer – Illah Dayz, Salute Da Kidd, last but not least, myself and my brother Kevlaar 7, who passed away in December (RIP K!!). We were 7 songs into our collab album, so I’m finishing that as well.

Independent or Major? Which is your goal and why?

Whatever works as far as balancing my family/security, with my integrity. I can handle both routes as long as the paperwork is up to snuff.

Anything else your part of or working on right now?

Writing a couple very interesting books, which is my other focus right now.

What’s the one message you would give to the youth who aspire to be an emcee or even a producer?

Don’t do it. But if you must, get yourself a degree of some kind first so you have something to fall back on. It’s a tough and disappointing game, if you can’t persevere and brush shit off your shoulder, it’s not gonna go well.

1 World Magazine would like to send our condolences for your lost of Kevlaar 7. Do you want to share some positive words about Kevlaar 7? How long you knew each other? How’d you meet? What was the last things you did together?

Yes Kevlaar is my blood brother, so of course I’ve known him since I took my first breath. I’m devastated, but I’m soaking in the pleasant and wonderful memories of my dear brother. He was a great man, with a huge and loving heart, he’d talk to anyone, lend a hand when he could, and was always a just person. A great MC, and even greater human being. Bless his soul. I love you Kev!

Last things, we did – we went to a Tigers game, he was a big Tigers fan, and we had a couple studio sessions. The last time we were together, he came over and hung out with me and my kids just a few days before he passed of heart failure. Due to a blood disorder called APS.

Anything else Bronze Nazareth would like to say?

Yeah just to all reading this, make sure you go out and explore my music. Take some time, soak it in. It’s not just one listen music, but it’s worth every second, so treat yourself! Peace to all who already know what gems we got. Thanks to Mr Ceza and 1 World Magazine. Over and Out.

So you heard it here. Now you know about Bronze Nazareth, don’t sleep on his hustle. He’s been on my radar for years now. His growth is steadily gaining him notice all over the Hip Hop community. Reach out to Bronze for a hot verse or a beat and enter his world of music.

By Mr Ceza Photo Courtesy Bronze Nazareth

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