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Before I even got on the phone with Glasses Malone, when I texted him about saying a few words about The Jacka, he replied instantly “of course, Jack was super solid”. 

How did you first hook up with The Jacka?

Jack came to my 1st show I had in the Bay with Tech N9ne, came with F.A.B., came back stage.  We knew each other’s music.  I already knew about the Mob Figaz. 

What kind of impact did he make in Southern California?

He had that reputation for the street dudes.  He had that single that was when I first started to notice him in L.A. His reputation really preceded him, but his music made all the sense in the world.  L.A. is a weird place where your reputation has to line with your music and his music made all the sense in the world.

Jacka made music for the streets, but for him it was deeper, spiritual, can you explain that?

I think it was that he studied the Quran.  It’s always different when you hear street music with that knowledge behind it.  When he would drop gems it would be different than just the average street nigga’s music.

What do you think his loss means?

We lost a brother from the corner that was knowledgeable.  He could talk with a level of education.  Losing him is not a part of the solution, it’s a part of the same problem that keeps going. 

Anything else you want to say about him, or your relationship with him?

I just wanna thank him for getting on my record when he was on fire.  He didn’t have to do it.  Mob Figaz forever.

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