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LEE MAJORS talks about The Jacka



By C-4

Can you give some personal perspective on The Jacka, and also his impact on music and the Bay Area?

First off, what I want to say about Jack, he was a good dude man.  Overall, besides him being a great MC and everything else he did, he was just overall a good dude.  He helped a lot of people man, you know?  He was such a good dude; he didn’t have no hatred in his heart at all.  I’ve never seen him hate on the next man.  He always gave it back.  He always was the kind of dude that would give you the shirt off his back.  And obviously, we did projects together so I know him a lot more than just the music side.  We had a different relationship; that was like my brother.

You connected on other levels also besides music, you connected on a spiritual level?

Yeah exactly, we both studied Islam, we prayed together, we fasted together.  Me and him, we had went through a lot.  He was, like our 2Pac for the Bay Area, as far as the stuff he talked about and how real his music was.  He touched a lot of people.

The reaction seemed to be love, why do you think people had so much love for him?

He would always interact.  If you meet Jack, he was always interacting with his fans, he was never one of them funny style dudes.  If you asked for an autograph, he’d damn near give you his shoes.  He was that type of dude, you know?  He was weird

[laughs], he was such a good dude, he did some crazy stuff.  He’d give you his last bit of weed.  Everybody got good vibes from him, I’m pretty sure nobody ever got a bad vibe dealing with Jack. 

Now that some time has passed, what do you think his music legacy is, or his legacy overall?

It’s kind of hard to say right now, it’s still in the early stages.  I don’t think it hit a lot of people.  To think I ain’t never gonna see dude again.  It’s hard to even say Rest In Peace Jack.

That’s why I wanted to talk to you, because you have a connection deeper than music, you’ve been around him on some regular real life shit?  You got to know him on levels most never did?

I got to see all sides of him.  Definitely the music side, the father side.  He was a good dad, he had kids, he took care of all of his kids.  I got to see the spiritual side with him.  I’ve seen him mad before, don’t get me wrong.  He wasn’t happy all the time, everybody goes through their ups and downs and trials and tribulations.  But he was the type of dude to get over it quick, he wasn’t gonna let that bring him down.  He’d deal with it and move on to the next.

He had so much music he was working on.  Jacka had changed his style.  He had stopped writing and he would just go in the booth.  He’d go bar for bar.  You could tell when he changed from ‘Tear Gas’ to his new stuff, because he wasn’t writing no more.  He wasn’t writing in his phone.  He came to the point where he recycled his raps sometimes, because he used to write them in his phone, so he’d give you a rap he had done on someone else’s shit.  That’s the reason he stopped doing that.

You still have a lot of music with him, what are your plans for it?

We got ‘GoBots 3’.  We had finished it couple months before he passed.  We had been working on it for a while.  It’s the best one we did so far.  We took our time on it, handpicked all the beats.  It’s gone be like part 2, but better because we took our time on it, years.

I’ve got him on a few of my solo projects.  I’ve got a lot of music, but I’m not trying to capitalize on it.

Yeah you can tell the people who really knew him haven’t tried to just throw projects out?

People were doing fake GoFundMe’s, people were pressing up their own shirts and none of the money was going back to the family.  The real shirts, all the money goes back to the family.

Anything else you want to say?

I just want to make sure that the people who are doing stuff, take care of his family, the kids.  If you got albums with Jack, make sure you talk to PK.  Even if you did pay into the project, it’s different now.

Shout out to everybody that’s been holding him down, trying to keep the legacy going.  Out of all the cats from the Bay, he was the one that should have been mainstream, he should have made it.  But he wasn’t really tripping off of that.  He was happy where he was.  He was on.

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