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MASSPIKE MILES talks about The Jacka



By C-4

How did you first link up with Jacka?

I actually met Jacka Memorial Day weekend in Miami.  I rock with this dude from the Bay named Cheech.  A cool Muslim brother who used to rotate through Boston.  One of those event times, me, him, PK and The Jacka linked up in Miami.  And ever since we just connected.  Plus he had that good pack.  That’s when that purple kush was just starting to float around in the system.  The Bay was phenomenal with that purple.  We connected through the weed, then later on we connected through the music.  I wasn’t even with Maybach Music when I met him, we just connected on some real nigga shit.

I tripped out when I saw you on the “Tear Gas” Album?

That was connected because niggas fuck with each other, it wasn’t like he reached out like ‘let me reach out to some new artists’, nah we already was connected.

Jacka really rocked with people, he wasn’t on some fan shit just because?

He fucked with niggas because he fucked with niggas.  For instance Paul Wall, they were homies first, same thing with Freeway.  Same atmosphere with me and my niggas, when I used to come to the Bay, them niggas embraced me.  We was out doing what we do.

What do you think his impact was on music?

First and foremost what he brought to the Bay from the Mob Figaz til now has been phenomenal.  And the thing is yall really respect your home, you’re self-contained within your city.  And niggas know Jacka put on for that, just like Mac Dre did, just like 2Pac did.  Jacka put on for his city, for the Bay.  So his impact is gone live on forever.  And that’s more than him living.  I wish he was living, but at the end of the day really he’s historical.  He will live on forever.  I death sometimes you can live forever if you do the right things in life.  He left his legacy.

He wasn’t on the gangsta shit though, he wasn’t on that ra-ra shit too much.  He spoke about what he seen and what he’s been through in the hood.  But it wasn’t really about that, it was about that uplifting, kicking game and giving the young niggas some game. 

He was able to speak a message but he still had all the respect in the streets?

Listen man, we went wherever.  Frisco, Oakland, Vallejo, the projects, wherever, doing what we do.

At the end of the day rest in peace, but his legacy will live on forever.  His legacy actually just started.  Look at Mac Dre, nobody thought his legacy would live on like this.  But Jacka was able to connect with a lot of people.  Just imagine what was to come from the legacy of the homie, and now you got Lil Jacka running around with his clothing line.  He fulfilled his destiny, he gave us a lot.  He dropped a lot of jewels and it’s an honor to be a part of that.  It would have been an honor to be on one, but he put me on two of them.

Did he make an impact out your way in Boston?

Of course.  We was already fuckin’ with the movement when we was younger niggas in the streets we was taking niggas slang like ‘yaddidimean’ and ‘ya feel me’, it was so clean there was so much game and influence that went into it so we was attracted to anything that came out the Bay.  We was fucking with it because yall is authentic niggas.  The Bay is kinda like Boston, Oakland niggas and Frisco niggas is kinda like Boston niggas.  What I mean by that is we carry some of the same values.  We get to the money, we handle our business, we born hustlers, we about our pimpin’ heavy, and not only that but we about that action.  And that’s why we was attracted to yall niggas because I came from Boston and I can understand it.  I could be in Oakland, jeweled up, pistol and everything, and feel like I’m at home.

That’s straight because I’ve seen some major artists come to the Bay and get scared?

Let me tell you, these two feet have climbed every part of this earth.  I was born in Sacramento, California.  Niggas can’t tell me I can’t come to the Bay.  That’s where I was born.  At the end of the day real recognize real across the board.

Anything else you want to say, or want people to know about Jacka?

Just listen to his music.  You wanna know something about The Jacka just listen to him.  I can’t tell you about The Jacka better than he can.  He laid out his story and his blueprint right there, go chop up some game with the homie.  Go show the boy some love, that was a real one right there.  It’s disrespectful the way he went out.  That nigga’s a vet, he’s a G, and niggas know.  His name ain’t gone be in vain.  That hurt me when he passed away, that was really fucked up my nigga.

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