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by C-4

Tell me about the type of person Jacka was?

He was stand up, without a doubt.  He was one of the best people I ever met in my life.  Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about him.  He was a stand up dude; he was solid, all the way, 100.

What impact do you think his music made?

He talked to people who didn’t have nothing.  He didn’t make you feel less than what you were.  He spoke for them niggas who don’t got nothing. 

From a personal perspective, tell me about your relationship with him?

Most of the time me and dude was just laughing man, most of the time he was just laughing bro.  Most of the time we’d just be capping on everybody else, cracking hella jokes.  Everywhere we went we were just sigging on people, talking that shit and laughing.

Just a straight up good dude?

One of the best people I could ever meet.  And he was fair, he didn’t look down on people.  His passing away made me try to be even more of a people person than I already am.  I’m cool, but Jack was cool.  He definitely was a good dude.  He’d give you the coat off his back, that’s the type of impact I take from Jack.  I was depressed when that happened, I was trying to fight it.

I remember when we were at the funeral and we both said it’ll never be the same?

And it’ll never be the same.  It won’t be the same.  I was kicking back for a minute, because Jack, he’s from my era and everybody loves him.  I knew I could get through once the world grabbed ahold of Jack because he was really gonna get a turn on another level.  I felt it.  Then this happened.  It’s like the same thing with

[Mac] Dre.  A lot of these young rappers are reaping the benefits of our hard work and don’t pay no homage

I just seen him working.  I didn’t see him resting.

What do you think his loss means, what is his legacy?

I can’t put it into words.  He was a great dude bro and he’s gone be greatly missed.  And all we can do is try to stick together as the Mob and make sure we represent the Jack correctly and stick together.

Anything else you want to say?

I just want to tell his kids that I love them.  Everything we do is a tribute to Jack.  We gone smile for him, it’s sad that he’s gone.  I’m not gone stop, I’m gonna represent and try to fill the void until I go home.

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