In San Diego Tha Wrongkind has a handful of young rappers who demand a look see. After a little phone tag I was able to get a hold of Tha Youngkind’s Eddie MMack. The streets are talking about this young man, in and outside of San Diego, so please welcome Eddie MMack to 1 World Magazine.

When exactly did you release your album Ocean View?

I released Ocean View at the beginning of the year 2014. This project, took me a good two months of hard work.

What’s the explanation why you use 2 M’s in your name, etc?

The two M’s in my name stand for the music group Madness Mob named after a close friend I lost at 15 named Michael Taylor aka Mike Madness.

What other albums and mixtapes have you appeared on?

Other than Ocean View, I have 4 other mixtapes called The Ism Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, and Product Of My Environment and you can find these on a under Eddie MMack. I also featured on Southeast Tales Vol 1 by Briss Mula and 4Duece Legend by Too Much SOG.

Are you officially Tha Wrongkind? Tell us about this Tha Youngkind movement that’s going on in the streets of San Diego?

Yes I am an official member of Tha WkYk but I am actually a new member of the WkYk so my music with the label is still a work in progress. As for the streets of San Diego, They love us and for some of us in the WkYk this is our home town.

What is your relationship to Mitchy Slick? When did you guys hook up to make music?

Just like I mentioned earlier I am still a new member to the WkYk so I’m still Talking to Slick and getting more accustomed to how he works but at the same time I been listening to Slick’s Triggeration Station album since I was kid. So far we have no music together but believe me when I say we will have some music coming real soon and he lets us know that he’s behind us 100 %.

What is Eddie MMack working on right now?

Right now I’m working on a new Mixtape called Traumatized and this is based on a perspective of someone who has seen a lot growing up. I’ve been working with many artist around San Diego such as Briss Mula, Too Much SOG, Oso Ocean, and Little Mitchy Slick.

What else is Eddie MMack working on and Who are you working with right now?

Other than Traumatized, I’m working on a mixtape called Lavish Habits by rap artist named Jizzle and his label is Money Mouf Records and this will be out in the middle of 2015.

Tell us about your life growing up. Where and what do you remember that has brought you to making music? 

I grew up in the Southeast part of San Diego in the Mountain View and Ocean View Blvd area. This area is known for drug dealers and gang members. I used to hang with the wrong crowd and I would always end up in fights. That was around the time I got my Mitchy Slick album and I would play it every day and that influenced me to rap. I started off with a cheap studio and my lyrics sucked and over time my studio upgraded and so did my flow. When my friend Michael Died rapper Oso Ocean made Madness Mob and he introduced it to me. Ever since then all I knew was education and rapping whenever I’m not in school I’m reading books or writing raps and I’m always looking forward to meeting and rapping with new artists.

Anything you want to say to the readers?

Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you. You can find me on,,,, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, my email is feel free to comment anytime and Thank You once again.

Eddie MMack is talented and humble. His music is catching on with every view. Check him out for yourself, see why he showed up in 1 World Magazine.

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