For those who have never heard of you, might be a few. When did you start your career and with who(label)? What album(s) are you most known for?

I started my career in Fresno, California and recorded my first studio album in 1989 with E & J Records but it was never released. The albums I’m most known for are most likely my solo debut Mr. Mafioso. My sophomore solo album Snake Eyes, Bullys Wit Fullys 1 and the Moment Of Truth collaboration with C-Bo.

Is it safe to assume you’ve sold over 500,000 units yourself? If not what type of numbers are we talking about in your career so far?

Collectively and independently I would definitely say I’ve sold over 500,000 units if not more.

You have been a controversial artist and individual at times over your career. I feel its because you’ve always spoke your mind, especially when it comes to your money. How do you handle everyday foolery from online trolls to sour apple groupies?

Personally I’ve always dealt with controversy in the music business and have also been involved with some of the most controversial labels and movements in Northern California Rap History, in my own opinion of course. I’ve been a part of the internet world since the beginning of its existence and was always taught to speak my mind so I’ve accumulated loyal fans, critics and also trolls and hecklers due to my online activity. I handle it however it comes. I have no shame in being exactly who I am.

I hear you have been working hard outta town, finishing up projects. What are you working on right now?

I currently have been working on My Snake Eyes 2: Verbal Vengeance project, mixing the Moment of Truth 2 project with C-Bo and several joint ventures and albums with artists who I plan on presenting through my BAY AREA WEST COAST MAFIA brand, which is one of the 3 labels I currently operate as General Manager and CEO for.

Are you signed to West Coast Mafia or just part of it in all other aspects, including accomplishing music? Do you have your own label(s)?

I am signed to West Coast Mafia as an artist and I also am one of the founders of the original movement which started when my label mates and I all made the decision to leave AWOL Records. I have started 3 labels of my own since that departure.

Who is part of your label(s)?

I work with several artists on projects but right now my main priority is releasing albums or EP’s on my son Jay Tunes, anything Gorilla Gang related, Mahem, Dobad, Tha KAMP, Kush Carter and J Fresh from Seattle and recently launched the WCM MidWest movement which is based out of Kansas City, Missouri.

Tell us about your new digital album you just released. What’s the project all about?

I just released Eargasms part 1 and 2 digitally which will be a compilation series which showcases talent of all my family members and artists affiliated with West Coast Mafia as a unit and movement.

Snake Eyes 2, a highly anticipated West Coast follow up album. Tell us all about the ingredients and concepts put into this one.

Snake Eyes 2 is a project I’ve worked on for about 6 months and is set for release 9/22/15 independently and is some of my best work in my own personal opinion. Ingredient wise I feel it has a universal sound and has a little something for everybody. I’m excited and proud of this project cuz I put it together from the ground up with the help of some of my closest colleagues in the business.

I’ve been hearing about The Moment Of Truth part 2 with C-Bo. I hear the music is incredible on this album. Who produced the music for this album?

The production on Moment of Truth 2 was handled by several producers including John Silva and Aktual, Kev Knocks, Goldeneye 95, Darccyde and the infamous One Drop Scott.

Do you have a distribution deal or are you going 100% Independent?

I currently have a digital distribution deal with 101 distribution but will handle most of the physical distribution independently in conjunction with West Coast Mafia and our affiliates of choice.

Who do you feel is holding down the West Coast on the mainstream right now? How about Mainstream West Coast?

I don’t really feel West Coast Music has much of a mainstream right now but the main artists from California who have always been solid are still making good music and establishing their brands. E-40 has done a good job at keeping mob music alive and relevant so my hat goes off to him without a doubt.

Where do you see yourself overall in West Coast History? When you retire what do you want the fans to say?

I feel like I’ve solidified myself as a pillar in West Coast Rap History by being consistent and creating good product for fans to enjoy over the years. When I retire I would like to be classified as one of the best that’s ever done what I do and key figure in opening doors for artists who never had a chance to get major deals, major radio play or overwhelming attention from the “Industry”.

Who in the Industry do you wish to work with?

I’m comfortable working with my family circle and the new artists I encounter along the way and have possibly worked with all the Artists in my region that I came up wanting to work with but have recently made some moves outside of California and worked with the likes of Mystikal, Lil Hood and some of the people involved with the “Strength in Numbers”(S.I.N.) Movement which is a connection between the West Coast, the Midwest and the South.

I know you and Ampichino are working on an album. Can you tell us all about it?

Me and Ampichino have a completed project and have actually discussed releasing a double album in early 2016. He is one of my favorite lyricists in the rap game right now.

I see you have a couple CD’s with an artist by the name of Mac Reese. What were those, how’d this come about?

I’ve been working with Mac Reese since the early 2000’s and watched him mature into a solid independent artist so I decided we should do a couple of collab projects to help him expand his fan base and reach more people. We currently have an EP and a group album available entitled Tunnel Vision 1 and Tunnel Vision 2.

What are your plans as a Boss in this game? What else are you involved in that we should know about?

I feel like I’ve been in a Boss position since the mid 90’s and have created several movements and groups that will last a lifetime. I’m involved in any and all movements that improve my people and loved ones and still have a dream of creating an Artists Union that will protect independent artists and labels from the sharks in the music business that capitalize off of music sales and still think its Ok to pay hard working musicians, producers and performers peanuts while they collect money that they don’t deserve.

Thank you for the opportunity to be heard and good luck with 1 World Magazine. You have earned my loyalty and support as a friend for a lifetime. 100

Thank you for the wish of luck Tay. As long as I continue to put artists like yourself in print, I should have nothing to worry about. In my opinion Killa Tay has been one of the west Coast’s most consistent artists who puts out dope music, from lyrics, to beats to respect in the streets. Killa Tay is the full package!

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