One of the best things about putting out a music magazine is that I discover new and existing talents I normally wouldn’t if I was still just a closed minded fan. So, when I finally listened to Killah Priest’s music, I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t taken the time before to listen to him. He raps about the truth, the cosmos, secret technologies, conspiracy topics, all from his perspective. I understand why he’s gained so much respect amongst his peers. Shot out to Rasul Allah 7 who connected me directly with Walter Reed. It’s an honor to speak to such a prophetical poet, Killah Priest continues delivering conscience rhymes in these ever so useless paradigm times.

Was the double album your last album?

Yes, The Psychic World Of Walter Reed.

A lot of your fans feel this is your best work to date.

I think the best is always yet to come. But I can’t argue with them. I’m always looking to get better.

I read you have your own label, tell us more about that.

This is the first time that I went 100% independent without any distribution. Just strictly me. So I learned a lot about it. The Tour was not done with no independent distributor or anything like that. I just went straight up, you know grass root. I learned a lot, I learned a lot about myself, I learned a lot about sales, getting it to people and packaging. My label is called Proverbs Records. I’ve had it for a little while. I just didn’t do too much to it. Like 2004, is when it got started.I put out a couple projects on it, but it wasn’t really totally independent. But I had an independent distributor and then that turned into a real record label. So the label is going good.

Do you have anyone signed to your label or is it just yourself still?

It’s just myself. I got a couple of artists that I’m looking at. I actually got a couple of Producers that rap. I got Godz Wrath and I got a couple more other cats in the workings. It’s gonna be dope!

Looking at your history you’re part of a lot of groups, Sunz Of Man, Horsemen, and Black Market Militia. Are you continuing with any of them?

Well at this point, I’m not sure. I’m just concentrating on me. For the most part I’m always open but I’m concentrating on Killah Priest and King Zohar. King Zohar is my aka name. I’m just concentrating on this. You know we had the Horsemen, we gonna do something with that finally. We’re still in the talks of it. By the looks of it, me and Rass Kass came together. We said, it’s time to put something out. When I first came in my name was the Sun Of Man. So it trickled out into the group name. We had a lot of desire, a lot of things we wanted to do together but it never came full circle. Except with Black Market Militia and stuff like that. I find when you work by yourself you have a little bit more control of it, then with different personalities.

Conversating with Killah Priest I could tell he’s very open minded. He was willing to take advice from a stranger, me. His ideas and execution will surely solidify him as one of the most prolific Emcee’s of our time. He plans on releasing much music through the internet and maybe starting a compilation with some of the material he’s been holding on to. Check your favorite websites for Killah Priest freestyles and singles.  

This year, I just released a lot of spot records. I like to call them the new God Core style.

You just released your album Planet Of The Gods, tell us about it.

The title is Planet Of The Gods. It’s just Priest in raw form. I’m rhyming and it’s going into like some different type of geometric..I’m going all the way there. If they didn’t call me crazy before, they’re gonna call me crazy now. Some people are gonna love it, some people might not understand it, but it’s Hip Hop.

So give us some guests who appear on this album.

On the album it’s totally me. It’s just Killah Priest. I got people helping with the engineering and production but that’s it. It’s the solo album and it’s very personal. It’s something that I wanted to just go in with, rap to the devil, and you get Killah Priest beasting on the beats. I did exactly what I felt at that moment. So nothing was premeditated. All the features I saved for the second volume of the Planet Of the Gods. So that will be coming very soon. There’s gonna be a whole series of the Planet Of The Gods.

What do you really want people to know, speak on it.

What I really want them to know is to be something more than the Music. One thing about me is that you gotta consider Love is the ultimate thing and Love yourself. And I always been saying if you go into yourself and you feel whatever you want to do, you do it. That’s what Priest is about. That’s what the world is about. One mind, one set, and we are humanity and people. We have to stick together and help this Earth help us.

Let’s just say Killah Priest ran for President, what would be the first thing Priest would do?

Change my Government. Fire everybody in my Government (Laughs heavily). I would be the Solar Leader. Coming from the Planet Priest.

Look for Killah Priest on Facebook and Instagram and check out for everything Walter Reed aka Killah Priest.

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