As I get older I realize that listening to dumbed down Rap music isn’t fulfilling my needs any longer. Killing, drugs and prostitution is a real side of the streets too many are glamorizing right now. What about the other side of the coin, and subjects such as love, forgiveness, and hope? Who’s including these things in their music out here? Well if you don’t know Locksmith from Richmond, California is one of these artists not scared to operate outside the box. Now that I have my own magazine I know have the opportunity to showcase artists who lead by example instead of following losing trends such as selling your soul for a deal, giving up all your morals for success or just plain giving up control of your content just to keep your position on the chart or shelf.

You first got my attention with the album A Thousand Cuts. Tell us about this album.

I had started working on the album and I didn’t have a name for it. I was just kind of thinking, what is it gonna be. Then I heard the saying “death by a thousand cuts”. I said that sounds cool but I didn’t want make the album to be about Death, cause I felt like the album was very much about triumph and life. I felt it was a growth album. So I liked the term A Thousand Cuts. But the saying “Death by a thousand cuts” comes from an old Chinese torture method. Instead of killing somebody with one brutal stab, you would slice them a thousand times and they would slowly bleed. I kind of equated that to life. Every time you have these moments in life, it’s like a cut. And it gets to where I’m staying in that cut and you can grow, kind of like a rebirth. So I felt that, that was what I had been doing in my life and my career. So I felt like it was perfect, so I felt like 50 songs off the album is a cut. It represents moments that are cuts, so all these cuts bring you to who I am now and eventually to the next chapter of my career.

You just mentioned the next chapter in your career, what is this next chapter?

I don’t know we have to figure it out when we get there. My music has always been about…It’s hard for me to write and talk about stuff other than… I have an imagination, but even when I do things imaginary it’s still very much about me. I feel like it’s gonna grow like me. We are all human beings, we’re all growing hopefully. As I go that growth I want that to be a reflection of my music.

The New Bay Movement, when it was all going down. The hype, honestly I feel that time nitched you into the history books of Bay Area Hip Hop forever.

That was just a great time, it was just a fun time. We were young kids, we were just making music just having fun. No different then what’s going on now. We were trying to carve our space. We were in love with music, we were in love with Hip Hop. We were in love with our soil, the air where we from and we just wanted to represent it and it was all about growth just like a rebirth. That’s what The New Bay had represented. I’m very proud of that time period, it was a fun time.

Basically you’re one of the only artists from that movement going harder then you did then.

I think it all comes back to mind frame. Just to stay where you’re at. I’m just very grateful to be doing music and to do music that I love. To me that’s what it’s about. As long as I’m doing music that I love and I’m creating art that I love, then I’m a happy person. Regardless of what other stuff is going on in the world, we all go through hardships and stuff like that, that’s a part of life. But if I can still create art and have a vehicle and a platform to make my music and I still have it in me to do it, then…

Well said! Locksmith is the truly one of the most genuine artists in Hip Hop today. He expresses himself directly through his music. Most Bay Area artists are too tough to show emotion on a track. I’m looking forward to catching Locksmith live on stage. Check out his new album Lofty Goals available online and in stores right now. With every like on Youtube his artistry is reaching further and further around the World.

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