When I made up my mind to create my own Magazine to continue my writing and publishing career I knew I was coming to San Diego to do it. I contacted my sources and began to dig up the most talented artists that I could find, and could reach personally. This section 1 World, 1 City is a continuation of my work from my past career at Xplosive Magazine. After compiling a list of artists I scheduled my first trip down to San Diego to conduct these interviews. On my way I received a call from Jack Dee of Siccness.net, he told me that Cee Wee 3, who was on my list of artists to interview, had been shot and killed that day. Well long story short, I was able to hook up with I-Rocc who managed to gather some of Cee Wee 3’s family to speak on his behalf since his passing. We at 1 World Magazine send our Love and condolences to his Family and Friends as this article and DVD might be a reminder of their pain. Cee Wee 3’s music will always be remembered, his placement in San Diego’s Rap History is a solid one. He kept family and friends close to him and his success. Please check out his album Still Dreamin which dropped just recently on West Coast Official Entertainment.

A year has gone by creating this 1 World, 1 City: San Diego article and DVD Documentary. I didn’t get 100% of all the artists I wanted to reach, but I managed to get a wide variety of skilled artists to correctly showcase San Diego’s talent. Shot out to those I missed including Odessa Kane, Veks, SkatterBrain, C.Hecc, Ryan Bowers, Mink Loco, Cals, Domi Young, Contraband, DNA Forensics, The Miit Gang, High End Radio and Trealie Duce. Congratulations to the success of artists such as Twisted Insane, Snow Tha Product, Smigg Dirtee, Mr Shadow, Mr Lil One and Knightowl.

I have had a relationship ongoing with Mitchy Slick since he dropped his first album Trigeration Station in 2001. Now since the birth of 1 World Magazine and this 1 World 1 City feature, I knew it was time once again to contact San Diego’s hottest and most currently accomplished rapper.

Much time has passed since we’ve talked, what are you working on right now?

I’ve been getting my new young cats ready to go. There’s been a lot of features for me, so I’m trying to build my name up as big as I can, and work as hard as I can, to pass it down to the young homies. I had a big feature with Big Gipp from the Goodie Mob recently. I did something with Rich Rocka and the homie Tray Dee on another project recently. Keep it lit.

It’s been since 2013 since you dropped your last solo album. You mentioned a few songs you just recently recorded. Are you working on a new album?

Yes, Trigeration Station part 2. We gonna take it back to the streets with this shit. I had a lot of years to trying to figure out what we was going to do and how we was going to do it. We just taking it back. I’m really not giving a fuck about these other areas, genre’s or whatever the fuck they want to call it. I’m going http://healthsavy.com after my core homies, my core heads, that’s who love me the most, and we gonna strictly stick to the basics on what I pone and blossomed my style from. That’s really talking them stories that I know best. A lot of times, being from San Diego opportunities get limited. So you try to do other shit to see if other markets will fuck with your music. But the thing is when you make them other songs, they could be great songs, but if you aint got the backing and the rest of the Industry that supports that type of music, we aint got no scene for that shit in San Diego. But what I do got and what I have made, that’s ours in San Diego is we most definitely are respected amongst the Gangster Rap Community. Cricet, Ecay Uno, Damu, the list goes on. Amongst the cats that’s respected on this Gangsta shit. So that’s what Trigeration Station is about.

I agree with Mitchy Slick. His core fanbase was built from the streets, these San Diego streets all the way up the Coast. He continues saying…

I got about 30 records that I’m picking the best 15 from. I got records with Trae The Truth on there. I got records with Chinx Drugz, that’s the type of shit that’s been happening this year. I just lost my guy. The homie Yamz, that was my young dude too, I really fucked with Asap Yamz. That’s the type of shit that’s been going on the past 6-7 months around my camp. Even the cats we aint is close with, we looking at that and we building from that. Cause man, it could be on the up for you homie and if you aint got your shit right and if you aint on deck homie, take care of yourself and watching your back. Not to say that none of the cats that lost their lives was doing that but just saying you gotta be cautious and take care of your life. You got people depending on you to make it. I got a little daughter now, know what I’m saying. I almost lost my life in a particular situation. In the 6 months like you said, it’s been a lot of shit homie. Got falsely accused of some fucked up shit, and got clowned all over the news just to get let off with nothing, and nothing attached to it. Anyway that’s another story.

Trigeration Station 2, I got beats from Cricet, I got production from the homie Kye Kong, I got the young homie on there, named Tariq Beatz. I’m happy, very happy. I’m sticking my chest out with the selection on beats for this album. But it’s gonna be about my City. It’s gonna be about my City, and other cities just like my city. I got features, even my home team V8, Ise B, Ric Nut, all the Youngkind homies, they all on the roster. We got a young girl, Juju, she’s on the roster. The list goes on. I got projects that’s tied up that I’m supposed to be putting out, on top of Trigeration Station. I got Lost In The Yay with all the Bay homies on it. I got the Call Of Duty for purchase instead of a giveaway mixtape. I got Young June on Trigeration Station 2, my young nigga from the Bay, and I got JuneOnTheBeat from Sacramento as far as production. J. Stalin is on the album, I got features. The lead single is Imperial, shot by the homie TS featuring Oso Ocean, produced by Trae Boogie.

One thing is for sure when Mitchy Slick drops Trigeration Station 2 all of San Diego will be supporting this record. Part 1 solidified Mitchy as one of the Hardest Gangsta rappers to ever touch a mic. When his career is said and done they will be making movies about his career and success. But for now support Tha Wrongkind and all their music, come out to their shows, get involved with all of SD’s top talent.

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