You only have to google San Diego Hip Hop and chances you will run across the name Parker Edison. A seasoned veteran Parker Edison graciously shared his time with 1 World Magazine and its’ readers. Here’s what we spoke about.

In 2000, what was the first piece of music you accomplished?

My first record is “18 Squared”. Orko got me my first studio time with DJ Artistic at West Most Studios. It’s 13 tracks and features Orko, Scribe Sayar, 1019, and Aki Kharmicel.

Who helped get you into emceeing?

My big brother King Rhon, Mike ‘Allen Tryce’ Davis, Brian Ballard and Robert Davies.

What is your discography up til now?

1999 – ‘Phamilee Thais’ EP (prod by DJ Artistic, Riddles and Orko)
2000 – ’18 Squared’
2001 – ‘Mr. E Inc mixtapes Vol.1, Vol. 2’ and ‘The Pornshop presents…’
2004 – SixInchMan (live band) – ‘Close/2 Fingers’  DVD demo
2005 – DJ Fingaz – ‘Cali Smokin mixtape’ (feat WC, Cappadonna, Keak Da Sneak and Mitchy Slick)
2007 – Parker & The Number Man (P&T) – ‘The Talented Tenth’ EP
2007 – P&T – ‘What About Your Block’ DVD 
2008 – Pac10 (MagFlux collab LP) – ‘Franchise Players’
2009 – Tony Parker (MagFlux collab) – ‘Purple Beattape’
2010 – P&T – ‘Early’ EP
2011 – P&T – ‘Lorna Doone’ DVD 
2/2012 – P&T w/ Mr.Ridley – ‘Clockwork Slang’
4/2012 – P&T (Broken Dreams collab) – ‘BDP&T’ 
11/2012 – P&T – SM57 (prod by Room E)
2013 – GMG (crew album) – ‘Dispensary Music’
2/2014 – Parker Edison – ‘The Couch Tapes’ EP
9/2014 – Parker Edison – ‘The Banana-Clip’ DVD

The Couch Tapes was an awesome dose of SD heat! What was your concept and the energy you put into it?

Thank you sir. “The Couch Tapes” is a break up record. It’s a nod to 90’s concept records like “De La Soul Is Dead”. The storyline (which is incredibly true to life) is I cheat on my perfect girlfriend and confess it on my therapists couch (“Name Names”), my therapist responds (“Elephants”), my ex calls me (“Latenite In Gotham”), me and my friends hangout and do drugs to make me feel better (“Trips”), I end up in the studio (“Apefood”), I write a song (“Essdee Statamind”) and I’m feeling focused again (“LMK”). It’s like the entire breakup process squeezed into 1 day. I grew up on rap and R&B records. There are certain records I still play when my love life is choppy. I wanted something like those.

Tell us about the groups you’re in. When did you get in, are you still part of them? 

We work with a lot of artists from different genres (photography, marketing, film production, etc.) and often that becomes another sect of our collective.

What do the initials mean?

GMG – Good Morning Gents – the street family I’ve hustled, toured, recorded with for 15 years
P&T&C – Parker and The Numberman w/ DJ Collagey – rap trio
BB – Blvck Bvstards – black art crew w Piff PCH, Brother Nature, etc.
FR – FamRoyal – a well-known media/dj collective
DIB Ent – Doin It Big Entertainment – our production team

What are you working on now?

Big June and I are executive producing the #RTC (Reclaim The Community) album. A rap compilation featuring new music from Tiny Doo, Ecay Uno and Odessa Kane that dismisses stereotypical narratives and instead embraces the rich and diverse culture of Southeast San Diego. The larger RTC movement is a collective of local non-profit and community organizations.

What is your record label called, Are you signed? What’s your official status?

I’m an unsigned rap artist. I own Glass Era Films. We’ve produced/released 30+ music videos/film shorts clips.

I went down to San Diego. I go into Access Hip Hop and Mark recommended Mr. Ridley Presents Parker And The Number Man’s Clockwork Slang. Are you satisfied with the product? What was the feedback like?

That’s bonkers. I’m extremely pleased with “Clockwork”. A tight-knit group of us worked that record and I think we all wanted something dark and different. When I listen to that record I hear a lot of details. From the lyrics to the production to the mix. Tons of little layers. Cats really dig that record. I’ve heard feedback from Detroit, Alaska, Washington, Texas, The Bay and it’s always good stuff and it earned us the best rap album award at 2012 SD Music Awards, so it did its thing.

Are you working with 1019 The Number Man on anything else?

Actually 1019 and I have been batting around some new Mr.Ridley tracks. Rids a genius. We already got some stuff that’ll stop the bank. We’ll see..

When your career is all said in done, what do you want to be remembered by?

I want my art to stand up. Some music doesn’t sound the same 10 years later. I want my catalog to still make sense.

Will San Diego go Major or will it continue to have a wide open underground hip hop and rap scene?

I think San Diego is a popular secret. If you dig you’ll find all these connects from the majors to SD. Jay Z sampled SD’s Gonja Sufi. Tech N9ne’s artist Twisted Insane is SD. Gaslamp Killer is with Apple. Ryan Bowers and DJ Premiere. Real J Wallace and Blu. We got something good cooking here and the right people know about it. I don’t know if anyone is interested in labels anymore though. At this point getting signed to Rhymesayers (indie) looks more promising than signing with Interscope (major). Busta Rhymes has a proven track record and he’s been on Aftermath and Cash Money and neither worked out. It’s a weird thing.

Thank you again sir!!!

So as you see Hip Hop is alive and thriving in San Diego. Check out Parker Edison at a venue near you and see why 1 World Magazine tracked him down for this article.

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