How long has LCOB been putting out music? Who and how did the group originally start? What was the first LCOB product the fans demanded?

The LCOB have been putting out music since 1997. We did our first record with Jedi Mind Tricks- The Amber Probe EP. Then after that we did a whole record with Jedi Mind Tricks called The Psycho Social LP. The LCOB originally started with myself and my two best friends. It was only three members at first. We were part of the Sunz Of Man crew out of Brooklyn they really inspired me to create the Lost Children Of Babylon. The first demand for our music was when we was featured on the first Jedi Mind Tricks album after we did that people started asking for our record to come out.

How far does Lost Children Of Babylon’s fan base reach? How did you do this?

Our fan base reaches all across the planet and beyond the universe. How we got a big fan base is because of Jedi Mind Tricks, Sunz Of Man and the internet.

What’s next for LCOB the group? Who is in the group currently?

We are going to drop our 6th album. Its’ going to be called “Children Of The Apocalypse”. As you know the group has changed over the past few years we now have a whole new crew. Here are the names:

Rasul Allah 7 the Face of the Golden Falcon, Cosmic Crusader, Atun Sen Geb the Eloheim, Jon Murdock, Lex Starwind the Outlaw Star, Ancient Kemet, Stretch the Mad Scientist (LCOB) producer, Grand Scheme, White Lotus (LCOB) producer, Pyrit, Canibus and new member Judah Priest.

I see your first solo album is about to drop. Tell us the title and why you called it that?

My new solo album is called “Heru- The Face Of The Golden Falcon”. It was going to be called “Heru- The Last Pharaoh” but I changed it because as I was writing the album I thought to myself the record is going in a different direction music wise, so I changed the title. I will be doing “Heru- The Last Pharaoh” after the new LCOB album. Now you ask why did I give my album the title “Heru- The Face Of The Golden Falcon” simply because the ruling force that governs this planet is Heru Har Horus or Ra Heru Khuit or Heru Khuit Heru= the child or the boy who has to reclaim his throne in the East Khuit or Ahktwy is the mount on top of the horizon the rising sun who reclaims the throne of his mother Heru Khuti and all aspects is a god of war and vengeance we call it the Aeon of Heru Behutat, this force is better now in ancient Hut Kaa Ptah. The real way you say Egypt in the Medew Netcher is that you reap what you sow so all around the world you see the destruction and war from Heru Khuit the planet will not balance itself out until Heru retakes his throne.

Your single “May 8th Survivors” is a harsh reality, Dr. Malachi York was a great teacher. I’ve listened to hours of his speeches. What is your feelings towards his situation right now?

I think my Nuwaupian tribal family are focusing on all the wrong things meaning come up with ponzi schemes to try and get him out when they should focus on presenting new evidence. Its’ right there plain to see that the whole case was to set him up but the family don’t really overstand law well off enough to see the facts so they would rather set up fundraisers to make money off of people and tell people that the money is being used for his freedom but it’s really not. Why because he is not out of prison yet. Everything they tried, failed because they don’t know the law or maybe they do but are put there to sabotage anyone who really wants to help him get out. Its’ all a game being played. That’s why I did the song “May 8th Survivors” and the video to let the world know what’s really going on with his case. Will he ever be freed from the clutches of the devil? I don’t know. One thing is for certain there are people within the Nuwaupian tribes that are black devils and are working with the feds to keep the tribe down that’s right F.B.I. agents are still amongst us, very true but very sad indeed.

You’re Nuwaubian. Tell us exactly what that means.

The word Nuwaup’u is an ancient Nubian word -finite and infinite meaning to know it has its’ root meaning in the Ashuric/Syriac Arabic. A color inclining to black. What does that actually mean? What color inclines to black copper and brown or gold? This is how you would say it without the vowels like this Nuwn Waw Beh that’s the Syriac way to pronounce the word. Now what I just told you is all Syriac/Arabic. The word Nubian is Arabic but there’s a twist to it all. 58 of the Arabic alphabet has Egyptian words in this word Nubian Nuwn-Waw-Beh comes from the Medew Natcher word Nup or Nub and this word or sound means gold in the ancient language from the word Nbu it’s written on the walls of Kemet look at the word.

Nbu Nuwb Nubian Nuba Nub Nubun Nabat Munbatu all of these words have the same meaning gold. Why do the ancient Africans identify with gold because when gold oxidizes it changes its color from green to brown. Gold AU 79 is the atomic weight born with the big bang. Munbatu Em Wu Nuwap’u the Gold Ones. The life giving force of light hydrogen and helium burning energies. Dark matter that the sun produces called prominences eminence and sun shine and sun shine is ether. Why all African look brown to redish brown to a green copper complexion is from either Africans have in our bone marrow what’s referred to as sun heat genes. The blood within the marrow of the bone boils and the ether emanates outward to the skin and turns our skin black to brown. In science they call this melatonin or melanin. We call it sun heat genes. The more sun heats genes the African has, the blacker that person will be so the real meaning of the word is gold with different principles added to it. Look at the word one more time Wu-Nu-W-P 9 9 9 Noo Woo Poo 9 9 9 Nu Wau Pu 9 9 9. The Science of Sound, Right Reasoning, the Right Knowledge, the Right Wisdom and the Right Overstanding of the Science of the Universe.

When I listen to Lost Children Of Babylon, certain parts of my brain click together unlike other Hip Hop I might listen to. I believe it’s the knowledge of ancient and new age technology, mixed with truth about our Governments, E.T.’s, conspiracy and the situation this puts us in, that which your music reflects so nicely. Too nicely for some, as the knowledge goes in one ear and out the other. How have you managed to keep the fans attention rapping about such subjects for all these years and now with your solo music?

I think me and my fans have a spiritual connection otherwise they wouldn’t be listening to me. They feel the same way I feel. They may not know the same information but they can overstand what I am saying in the songs because they have knowledge of things as well. We are all one in the all, within the all. I am them and they are me, we are all one in the multiverse.

What can we expect to hear on your first solo album?

My first album sounds more like a 13 track street album. I don’t think it’s my best work but it’s good for the time we are and now. We have the LCOB on the album. I have three tracks with Canibus, I have a song with Killah Priest, we got Judah Priest on the album. My homie Pyrit 1, he’s the one who did my new video, yeah it sounds good.

Any special guests on the album? Who produced the tracks on the album? Any street date?

Yeah we have Killah Priest, Canibus, Pyrit 1, the Lost Children Of Babylon’s Judah Priest. The album was produced by Vherbal Beats, Anno Domini Nashion, C-Lance producer for Vinnie Paz AOTP, Jedi Mind Tricks and the Arch Druids Production. That’s who’s on the album. We are going to release the album in the Summer.

What’s next in 2015 for Rasul Allah 7?

Well just been studying a lot. I am going to Egypt soon for a few months to meet my Nubian family and travel through Sudan. That’s where my mind is at right now, connected with my African brothers and sisters.

Do you feel truth Rap or real Hip Hop as some call it will continue to grow and outshine cookie cutter rappers and worthless Drug/Sex/Murder Music the Mainstream loves to perpetuate?

That’s a good question. It’s up to the masses to correct that. What they have to do is, separate Hip Hop from commercial Rap music and Pop music so we all can have a lane to present our art. Hip Hop and Pop Rap is not the same, it’s all art but not equivalent in turns of sound. But what happens is they put Rap in Pop, Hip Hop in the same categories so when people go to purchase a Hip Hop or Rap record people get confused. You follow where I am coming from? People are confused to what Hip Hop really is! They don’t know who to support or what records to buy in this day in time. That’s why artists are not making any money over all. All the music is good including the trap music and gangster rap. All of it good but it just needs its own category then everyone can make money.

Where do you see Hip Hop in 5 years?

I see Hip Hop on a whole other level. I see people like me and groups like LCOB taking over the independent market, its going to be futuristic poetry with no rules. Anything you think in your mind that you rhyme about your going to be able to show it on the screen. It’s going to be all about visuals and multimedia and sending messages through your smart phone or iphone. It’s going to be great and it wont be about money, it will be all about art trust me. You will see this happen in our lifetime, hell it’s already here.

Any tours or shows we need to know about?

No tours or shows coming, sorry. We are working on getting a booking agent. We just have a lot of haters out there that don’t want to see us shine. Why? Because they don’t make shit off they’re music. LCOB Productions makes enough money to sustain ourselves and we are one of the only groups that make money who haven’t really had a big tour. A lot of these dudes can’t say that.

Where can we find you online?

You can find us on line at Or go to Facebook and look at The Lost Children Of Babylon music page. Youtube or just Google our name the Lost Children Of Babylon.

Anything you would like to tell the Hip Hop community?

Yes, stop giving people bad vibes. Support your follow Hip Hop artists and they will support you. Stop acting like a tough guy. If you say you support the African people nigga then do it. Stop acting like you’re better then the next artist because you have more resources than the next artist. Never ever talk bad about the next artist. Uplift them! Know that this is an art form and you can’t do this forever. Always give respect to those who made this art form before you, because without them there would be no Hip Hop music. When you see a Hip Hop artist embrace them with divine love, there is no ego. There is only the all within the all.

Very wise words spoken by Rasul Allah 7. Thank you! Believe me, you can learn something by listening to LCOB music. After hearing one album I went online and ordered more of their albums. As for the Lost Children Of Babylon, you will continue to see them in the pages of 1 World Magazine.

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