A Hip Hop and Spoken Word band outta San Diego that all the critics are talking about is The Lyrical Groove. Listening to their music and the messages behind it I see why they are so critically acclaimed. I spoke to Kendrick Dial, the lead Vocalist and songwriter for The Lyrical Groove. He was gracious enough to meet up with and discuss their music.

Tell us about the album you just released.

Spoken Soul: Music For Life. I feel that the title Spoken Soul really represented what we did. It was spoken word, soul music. The style of music being from a personal perspective. It really spoke to people and at the same time. Music For Life if you allow it a thing, depending on what you’re going through. It can feel like this music is for people who are dealing with real life. So the real issues of relationships, social issues, challenges, spiritual, all together its’ dealing with life.

It being an album do you have any singles you guys are pushing?  

Yes, we are pushing “Wake Up” and I think I want the next one to be “Strong Woman” which is a piece I wrote and dedicated to my daughter.

Do you guys have any videos for this album?

We have some real good studio footage of some live performances that we’ve done in a couple studios. So we actually working on getting some other videos done now so we can start pushing them out a little bit.

The content in your music, in your spoken word comes from a conscious point of view as opposed to a material point of view. Is there anything you would like to highlight about your content?

For me, I’m in the counseling field. I was a substitute counselor in the Navy for 3 years. I mentored and counseled homeless and runaway youth for another 3 years. I have a Masters degree in Social Work. So that’s a lot of where I kind of draw from. In terms of Spirituality, I always look for different evidence of Spirituality in terms of life in general. So I think I just try to bring that to the different things that we talk about. I think about all the different stories of people I’ve interacted with in terms of those groups as well dealing with my own stuff. I write from a place that I want to inspire myself when I’m not feeling good. When I’m riding in the car with my daughter, I want her to be able to sing the song with me. What type of music is gonna lift her up and build her up as she grows. She’s dealing with a world that doesn’t necessarily appreciate young black girls or builds up young black girls. So that’s the perspective I’m coming from when I’m writing.

Since you guys are a band, are there any venues or performances you want to mention to the readers?

Actually we will be performing at Indi Fest out here in San Diego. Which is a festival geared towards independent artists all over. So we’ll be performing there. Look us up on social media. Across the board we’re on everything. We do have our own website lyricalgroove.com. We also have a mobile app which you can check out what we’re doing.

In my opinion San Diego and surrounding communities need to pick up on The Lyrical Groove, they are giving Hip Hop in San Diego a really good name. Good luck Kendrick on spreading your music to the world!

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