When William Cooper dropped his first album 6 plus years ago he shocked the Industry with his lyrical content and crisp political visuals. “Beware Of The Pale Horse” won awards and gained Coop’ accolades by those in his genre. These accomplishments accompanied by the lapse of time have prepared William Cooper for the position he would play in Hip Hop. Here we are in 2015 and William Cooper just dropped his second solo album, “God’s Will”. What’s changed in his life? Can we expect another Hip Hop Classic from this New Jersey Emcee?

Your first album was titled “Beware Of The Pale Horse” and so the content was very political. You spoke so much truth, you demanded Hip Hop hear it! Tell us the name of your new album and the meaning behind it?

The title of my new album is “God’s Will”. It is very powerful, but I also wanted to keep the title very ambiguous. It can mean me, William Cooper, is “God’s Will”. Or it can be received by its definition, “The supreme power of a divine being”. Or even deeper it can represent God’s Will and Testament. This body of work can also represent God’s Living Will. I really want the people to tell me what it means to them after listening to the album.  Ultimately, “God’s Will” is just another piece of me that I am grateful to be able to share with the Hip Hop world.

Politics haven’t changed much since your first album in 2009. I’m sure things have changed in your life. What’s different now that you notice from when you first dropped “Beware Of A Pale Horse”? How has it effected your preparation for this new album?

Well, I took a very political approach on “BOTPH” because that was the world’s climate at the time and I wanted to pay homage to my namesake Milton William Cooper. I took on the name William Cooper because it symbolized my moment of Awakening. Milton William Cooper was a firm believer of digging for the facts, discovering the real truths, trusting no-one, and always look beyond the surface. I share these values in my everyday life and I do my best to sprinkle these principles in my music.

I have realized more and more that you cannot save everyone. I do hope my music has woke some people from the sleep of society’s matrix, but I have more to give then just those jewels. I have much more knowledge to spread with the world. “God’s Will” is another chamber of me. On this album there are still some political undertones, but I don’t want to pigeon-hole or scare people away from receiving these new chambers. It is very important to me that I touch the largest number of people as possible, and I sincerely feel “God’s Will” can and will accomplish that.

What are the singles for the album? Briefly describe each one.

This album was designed to be played from beginning to end with never having to hit fast forward or skip. It is an experience, and therefore every song has the ability to be a single. Me and BP, who produced “God’s Will” entirely wanted to make an album that told a story. It was also a great experience to create an album produced by just one producer. Together BP and I established a chemistry that is unmatched by any other MC and producer. Also, we have already shot many videos for the album and we will strategically release each one throughout our marketing campaign.

Your videos are very high quality in content and the overall product. Who helped you with these new videos for this album?

Well I have worked with a variety of great directors from Jimmy Giambrone, Alain Alexander, Mad Sci, Tom Vayianos to Vic Shades. I really http://www.eta-i.org/tramadol.html like working with the directors, sharing my vision, and formulating a plan to deliver that vision on film.  Making videos is such a creative process. I look forward to continuing my great relationships with all my past video directors and also making some new director relationships.

You are Gemstarr Regime, right? Do you now have your own label? When did this happen? Why did it happen?

Yes. I am Gemstarr Regime. I am the founder and CEO of Gemstarr Regime Records. I run the label with my Vice President and producer BP. Gemstarr Regime has been officially in business for about 7 years now. It was created to give a place for me and my team to have creative freedom while owning our masters.

You have an artist you signed Stoneface. How far do you go back with him? What’s the future hold between you two?

Gemstarr Regime currently has a 3 man roster that includes myself, BP and Stoneface. Stone and I go back almost 15 years. He is an amazing artist and has a very inspirational story. If you are not familiar with Stoneface go do your homework, he is a legend in his own right. Gemstarr Regime plans on releasing his debut solo album “The Stone Age” in the near future. Stay Tuned.

For those who wont go and listen to your music, what is your message that you are getting across artistically through your music? 

Everyone is not going to tune into the same frequencies, and therefore my music is not for everyone nor is it intended for everyone. The Hip Hop culture has been a huge influence in my life since I was a kid and I am just giving back. “God’s Will” is my greatest contribution to Hip Hop and in-turn I hope it gets the opportunity to touch as many true Hip Hop heads that still exist.

Is there still a Black Market Militia? A new album?

Yes, there will always be a Black Market Militia, that is for life. All of the members have established bonds together that will last forever. We made a classic album together and we all have high hopes for a sequel.  It is really just a matter of synchronizing everyone’s busy schedule. What made that album so dope was that we were all in the studio together everyday for about a 2-3 month period. We didn’t just send files back and forth, we were a group recording the album together in the studio. We really captured a vibe and chemistry during those sessions, and that magic can be heard clearly on that album.

What’s next for William Cooper in 2015 and beyond?

Right now it is all about “God’s Will”. I plan on touring this album and spreading this body of work worldwide. I look forward to dropping a new video from this album every few months and really grabbing the attention of the Hip Hop community. Beyond that, the possibilities are endless.

I look forward to growing my record label, Gemstarr Regime, and continue releasing timeless music that has its own identity. It is important to me to leave a legacy and that is what I will continue to pursue.

 Would you like to say anything else?

I would like to say peace to all my family, friends, supporters and everyone else that has been a part of my musical journey. Also, I personally run my own Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so if anyone ever wants to contact me I can be reached easily on all three.  My Twitter is: @William_Cooper_, my Facebook is: WilliamCooperMusic and my Instagram is: @WIlliamCooperMusic.

I would also like to commend 1 World Magazine for releasing physical magazines in an age where almost everyone has conformed to digital. Print Media is a very important part of the Hip Hop culture and I respect you guys for preserving that platform.  Peace and respect.

Yes sir! I agree, we need print in these digital days. If you ask me everything going digital is a good way for us as a society to forget our progression. How many people’s homes have you visited and there are no more pictures on the walls of children growing up, stages of life and careers being forgotten and being underappreciated. Print keeps the memories alive and kicks facts along the way. So pay attention to William Cooper’s message and music. The streets need to hear his thoughts. Never fear! 1 World Magazine plans to follow William Cooper every step of his career. Hip Hop Lives!

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