After visiting with Mitchy Slick I discovered a couple of artists that I was yet to hear about. Daygo’s biggest artist also keeps his eyes and ears to the street for new talent. He showed me a video by a young rapper named Young Lyxx. Mitchy feels he has the whole package when it comes to representing Daygo as well as gaining attention for the City.

When and where were you when you recorded your first track/song?

I was in middle school when I started recording. I recorded my first song ever in San Diego at my homies crib.

Who from San Diego has influenced you as an artist and emcee?

I would have to say Mitchy Slick is the only artist to have really opened doors for San Diego outside of the city. So that alone inspired me to want to put on for the city and show the world that San Diego has just as much talent as other cities that are getting proper recognition.

How did you get the name Young Lyxx?

I was freestyling in middle school and said my real name (Lennix) too fast and my homie Don Elway (another San Diego emcee) thought I said “licks.” So I changed the spelling to LYXX and it just stuck with me from there.

How was it working with Don Cannon? What did you learn?

It was a dream come true working with Don Cannon. I always told myself in my career that I wanted to have a tape hosted by him before it was all said and done. What I learned from that experience is that relationships is really the key to this industry.

What was your concept behind the Young N’ Mayhem mixtape? What’s the response from the fans?

The concept behind “Young N Mayhem” was exactly what the title says. It’s my world clashing with Mayhem’s world. Mayhem is a dope dj/producer based out of Atlanta. He does alot of EDM and dubstep. So we took those sounds and mixed it with my flow and concepts and magic happened. I definitely feel we made our own sound with this project. He produced every record and we did every song from scratch together. The fans are loving the tape. Mayhem took me on the West Coast leg of his Trapanese tours and the kids went crazy at every show.

Right Girl featuring Trinidad Jame$ was heat! It should do well in the clubs. Tell us all about the song, how’d you hook up with Trinidad Jame$? 

“Right Girl” is the anthem for all the right girls for the wrong things out there. It’s so relevant in our society today. Trinidad and I have been knowing each other for years now even before he started rapping. So we always talked about doing a song when the time was right and I was working with Mayhem on “Young N Mayhem” at the time and invited Trinidad to a session. Us 3 put our heads together and came up with the classic anthem.

Are you preparing for a new album or mixtape release? Or just dropping singles till one blows all the way UP!?

I am currently working on San Diego Players Vol.1 with fellow San Diego emcee JoJoe and I am working on my debut album “Forever Young”. I will be dropping alot of singles in between the two releases as well as more visuals.

What is your goal for your music?

The goal for me and my music is to touch the world. I want everyone to feel young and made after listening to my music. We all want to be young and self made so I am the voice for that generation.

Do you consider yourself a San Diego artist, a West Coast artist, or simply a new artist?

I consider myself an artist in general. I like to create. I put on for my City so of course I will be categorized as an San Diego artist as well as a West Coast artist. But my sound is unique because I lived in Atlanta so many years so my sound is that mixed with Cali.

Who are you working with right now? Are you signed to a label Independent?

I’m in L.A. working with more producers at the moment building my sound. I been working alot with a dope producer/artist by the name of Mike Randy.  I am currently independent.

Who do you want to work with in the industry, emcee wise?

Emcee wise I would like to work with Tory Lanez and Travis Scott. I respect both of their crafts and think that we would cook up something classic. I also would want to work with Future and Kanye.

Anything else we should be anticipating from Young Lyxx?

Anticipate a lot of new music and a lot of new waves to ride as I am working on a few projects outside of music right now. One of the things I am working on is collab pieces with different brands.

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