*QUOTE* “Many been crowned but they aint never gave me my shot, I guess I gotta go and snatch it and demand my spot!” -YUNG BLU

*QUOTE* “Yung Blu has been doing 46 shows a year for the past few years, independently” –Frank Nitty

In Los Angeles, there’s a young new artist that OG’s and the fans are talking about. I’ve been following Yung Blu through his mentor/manager Frank Nitty for the past 3 plus years. Showcasing his music at another Frank Nitty Network Party, I captured the whole movement that is powered by Grittystyle Entertainment. OG’s such as Frank Nitty, Bad Azz, Jelly Roll and many other notables all came out to support and take part in the movement. Grittystyle has connected Black and Brown listeners in a way that’s never been done in Southern California. And it’s all based around Yung Blu and his positive messages and knowledge he relays in his music. Yung Blu, you have a new mixtape you just released, tell us about that.

“I want everybody to go and download my new mixtape Snatching The Crown, it’s on Datpiff.com. If you don’t know my name, if you don’t know who Yung Blu is, google me! Look up Grittystyle, the Young Representa!”

In the past so many years the hip hop industry has made many references to the Thrown or the Crown. Why did you name the mixtape Snatching the Crown?

“That’s a name me and Nitty came up together. Everybody talks about how they want to be the King so much. So we was like clowning right and said we should make a mixtape called Snatching The Crown and it just kind of came to play,” said Yung Blu.

“We never had our dibs on this shit. Yall niggas is fighting over this position but yall niggas never gave this muthafucka no shot. You aint never gave this little youngster no shot. The time is now, give this little kid a shot, put him up against whoever. If not we gone snatch the crown. So that was something we wanted to give out to the people that represented Blu, that’s why we gave it away for free. Now they’re looking at Yung Blu as a threat. I just talked to a couple big people, and they’re like, I heard of Blu. I’m talking about people that’s up there and supposed to be the next, and they heard of Blu. He’s on they’re radar. They say, Yeah I heard the mixtape, it’s dope, that little kid is hard! What books does he read, how’d he get like that?” said Frank Nitty.

Frank Nitty being Yung Blu’s mentor has schooled Blu in the school of hard knox, the streets and now the Industry. Frank has connected the dots to reveal a path I believe is destined for success. He being both Black and Brown and growing up in Long Beach (So. Cal) as well as Pittsburg, California (Nor. Cal) has brought the truth to the table so to speak. “When you are around realism all day, you automatically gonna get an essence of it,” says Yung Blu. Nitty added, “I’m Black and Mexican authentic, my only purpose is to help make this culture different then what it was. And that’s my mission before I leave this Earth. And that’s how I talk to Blu.”

If you’re reading this I want you to understand there has truly never been an artist like Yung Blu. Most young rappers are motivated by success or fame. But Blu and Nitty preach another song. Nitty shared a story of how a homie was gonna kill his wife and himself but played a song by Yung Blu called “Somewhere” off his Checkmate album and the song changed his actions. Nitty’s homie called him at that moment and told Blu he was gonna kill his wife and himself, but the lyrics in his song changed his mind. Blu’s music actually saved lives. They both agreed that if they didn’t sell another checkmate album, it was all good because they accomplished their mission, it changed someone’s future.

Your music has meaning. You touch subjects and truths at such a young age it’s hard to believe what we are hearing. Tell us about songs on the Snatching The Crown mixtape that have meaning like you were talking about.

“Every song got a meaning to it. You just got to listen from Intro to Outro, it’s like one long story. It tells one long story. So every song has a meaning”.

“We got songs that we want to put out but it’s too deep right now. It would really scare people. We got to go slowly, and that’s what we’re on right now. That’s how deep it is, it’s deeper than just trying to get famous with us. We are very very active in our community. Probably one of the most active artists/labels in Southern California as far as our community.” said Frank Nitty.

Any last words for the readers Yung Blu? “Shot out to everybody supporting me. We gonna keep giving yall this realism. Be on the lookout for my Nexx Level Of Game album. We aint stopping, all gas no brakes Grittystyle in the building.”

Go to Datpiff.com and download Snatching The Crown mixtape for FREE right now. Lookout for Yung Blu’s new album Nexx Level Of Game coming to retail very soon. If you get a chance to see Yung Blu live, do it. His energy and messages are as powerful as any Hip Hop Legend in his birth.

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