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8.5 out of 10

San Diego Hip Hop would not be as respected if it were not for emcee’s such as Odessa Kane. His music has been putting SD on the map for years. His lyrical content continues to help lead the way for truth in Hip Hop. This new EP “Left To Bear Arms” is a handful of hot songs. From the Intro on, Odessa Kane busts straight rhymes and lyrics over beats from Orko Eloheim, V-Rock, Off-Balance of Digital Martyrs and Fatgums. The track “GPT” is a huge song telling who the real Gangsters, Pimps and Trappers of the world. Real spit, real shit, Odessa Kane is the Truth! Oh and if you didn’t know “Mississippi Burning Still”, listen then look it up. A Masterpiece, Yes. Am I satisfi ed, No. Odessa Kane I’m waiting on your next movement, the world needs your message!

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