Jabari “Barz” Tawaih was born in Oakland California and raised in the Bay Area. Barz says his work is really Bay influenced. He won a Grammy Award for “Recording Engineer” on the critically acclaimed album, “The Last Days of Oakland” alongside the Singer/Songwriter Fantastic Negrito. A very talented individual, Barz also Produces, Song Writes and plays instruments.

I’m here at Tooned Studios in Oakland, tell us what you do here?

I’m an engineer at Tooned Studios. Tooned Studios is like my family and I been working here for about 4 years. We’re just building a platform for Artists and talent to just thrive. Connecting the dots for people when it comes from them taking their talent and really turning it into something that they can make a living from.

Who are you working with right now, Artist wise?

I work with a lot of the locals. Local talent like Prezi, Myles Parrish, Rich Rocka, J. Stalin, Hieroglyphics, Mistah FAB. We definitely had a lot of Bay Area talent, legends grace this studio both. Currently I’m working with everybody.

Right now it’s anybody’s game. When it comes to music and content out there…I feel like people are more interested what the regular person has to say over the big person. People are always searching for new media, new content. If you got some dope music, there’s opportunities for you to really thrive in this Industry.

Find out more on Barz Makes Bangers at www.Barz.io You can also check out some beats and even contact him for business. For the record, Barz considers himself to be an Independent Music Professional.