Every Rapper has a different background story. Most come from broken homes, hardship and poverty. A few manage to make it out of those situations and actually benefit all those around them. Welcome, Big G Nutt to 1 Worldmag.com. Big G Nutt was born in El Paso Texas. He grew up in New Mexico being raised by his Great Grandmother. Music came into his life in his early teens.

Big G Nutt recalls:

I really caught the Rap Bug in 1988 when I moved to Detroit with my Mom. Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick and them, they were out. That’s where I caught the bug at. I was like 14.

What did you do first professionally?

The first CD I dropped in 2000 was called G Nutt “The Nutty Era”. I consider that stuff local and regional because we didn’t have industry standard. We didn’t know what industry standard was. As far as putting something out and having the people come buy it. That was my first album.

So what do you have under your belt now, how many you got up until today, now?

In 2004 I dropped “G Nizzle” “The N U Double”. Then we dropped a mixtape called ‘We Ballin’”. In 2005 I was sentenced to 30 Years in prison, for Drug Trafficking. Also a case when my Daughter was attacked by our family dog. They added like 8 years for that. Then the Judge like suspended 10, gave me 20. So I ended up doing 10 years half time out here in New Mexico. I been out 2 years, from that point. In 2016, I dropped a 2 song EP called “Behind Bars” & “2 Much Talk”. That went over pretty well. I really pushed it with the guy I was with K9. That got everything rolling. From that point on I been doing Circuit Shows in Tucson, then I went on an East Coast Tour and just started doing shows around New Mexico. Back then I had met Big Tray Deee in like 2003, he had went to prison like a year later. A year after he went to prison for 10, I went to prison for 10. I linked back up with him, “What They Know’N” that was the first song I recorded for the new album which is titled “Living History”. In the process of all that, me meeting Damu, he introduced me to Mitchy Slick, cause I was locked up with one of their peoples out here in New Mexico. It was like a domino effect from working with W.C. and getting all these people to put together this album. W.C.’s engineer Rob G ended up redoing the whole album. So the Album was supposed to be released August 1. But he ended up redoing it, I relayed my lyrics on some of the songs, we went through it, I think we perfected it. It released November 24, 2017.

Well congratulations Big G Nutt. Now that I know what you went through to accomplish this album I truly see the value in this project.

“Living History” is on iTunes, Spotify. I go through Next Level Promotions and they have my CD in all the Rasputin, Dimple and remaining Record Stores Nationwide. When I went in there wasn’t social media, so we went out physically to promote along with this new social media movement.

What singles should the readers, soon to be listeners check out?

The main singles, well there’s a bunch, I really mean that but, the main one is the one with Big Tray Deee and QC “What They Know’N”. The 2nd one is “Facts” with Prince Rick out of Dallas. The Slim Thug song is doing Big on its own right now, “Boss Up”. The W.C. song “Ridin” we’ll be shooting that video next month. The Mitchy Slick and Damu video is ready to go All-Star Weekend.

So you heard it here first! Big G Nutt is making some serious moves, his album Making History is truly leaving its mark in the game. Check out one of the singles mentioned above, or simply buy this album, its’ an hour’s worth of street tales told from a slightly different angle, listen up cause you might just learn something.