I’m on my way to Vallejo, CA to get some behind the scenes footage and network at Daz, B-Legit and Big Gipp’s video shoot for Daz’s song “Bang Bang”. When I get there I’m greeted by Bully Wiz and Tone Loc. Tone is driving his Golf Cart on thangs around the parking lot. They politely pass me a blunt, I hit and continue my journey outside the Hemp Hop Station Cannabis Club.

After a few recordings of the Artists in action I approach Big Gipp, yes Goodie Mob’s electrifying emcee. I asked him if I could ask him a few questions. He said sure. Here is what he said.

What’s new with you Big Gipp musically?

I just dropped my new Mixtape called “The Mutant Files”. It’s about 12 new songs. The big record is me and Daz. It’s called “Type Of Girl”. We just dropped that and it’s already in Canada, Europe, it’s tearing up the Strip Clubs in the South and the A Town so soon yall gone be hearing it.

That’s an incredible tandem, you and Daz. How did that come about?

You know Daz stays in Atlanta, he’s been staying in Atlanta for years. So we just decided to go in the studio and start making music. Once we started making music, the first song we did was “Type Of Girl”. That was the first record we dropped to the World. We’re working on an Album called “ATLA” and we doing a movie for it also.

You’re out here in the Bay Area, tell us what you love the most about the Bay Area?

I love the Bay. I been running around the Bay since the beginning of my career. First time out here I did a show with E-40 and The Click, Richie Rich running around with Pac. First person to take me around the Town was JT The Bigga Figga. So Gippy got History out here in the Bay. The Goodie Mob, Outkast, The Dungeon Family, the Bay always accepted our music.

Yes you have roots as deep as some Bay Artists today, salute on that!

Aye man, just been out here. The new record we working on is Daz, B-Legit and Gipp. The cut is called “Bang Bang” right here in the Bay. I can’t wait till yall see the video.

So by the end of my journey I smoked a few blunts on the Gold Bus, shook a few hands, a few conversations. Check out the video “Bang Bang” right here on 1Worldmag.com and stay tuned for more on Big Gipp and Daz here in 2018.