The statement “Saving The Best For Last” is true when it comes to the release of some of this years’ best music. This past December Big Omeezy out of the Bay Area released his latest Album, part 3 to a trilogy, “The Great Communicator 3”. If you still haven’t gotten familiar with his music you will after this Album.

Big Omeezy what’s “TGC 3”?

It’s not a compilation. TGC 3 it’s like a movie, it’s like a projection of everything I’ve done over the past 2 years. Different subject matters. I say my speech. I have other Artists and they say their speech. We come together in perfect harmony to put down this illustration.

You have close ties with E-40 and Sick Wid It Records, are you under them or on your own?

I’m still independent. It’s all OLH Entertainment. It’s on my imprint. I put out 6 projects, all, everything came out of my pocket. I learned from the Best whoever did it, you got to own your own shit. People, like E-40, D-Shot and all them and not have that type of Get It My Own Way spirit. Not to say that I don’t have help, I definitely had people help me along the way. At the end of the day it’s my imprint.

Well congratulations on your 6th release.

I’m just trying to stay consistent. Try to stay putting out music. Try to step it up every time for the culture.

Speaking of the culture, we’ve bumped into each other many times, your stage show is excellent, your crowd control is excellent, and even your hosting abilities on the mic are great. You are really good at what you do.

My moniker is The Great Communicator. My Father gave me that moniker when I was a kid cause as a child I hung around with a whole bunch of different races of people. You might see me with an Indian person, with a Chinese person, an Arab person. We’ll just be kicking it and having fun breaking language barriers. I just had the knack for communicating with people. I used that and just kept it crackin. Once I knew I was putting out a project, it was like comical just putting it together.

Tell us about the singles on the Album.

The singles that I’m pushing are “Bout My Bidness” featuring Paul Wall, we go way back. That’s produced by Nite Ryder Productions. Hoping to shoot the video for it. Another one is the one with OMB Peezy called “Out On The Grind” that one is circulating. I have a few songs I had already dropped, “RFTP Running From The Police” with Turf Talk. It’s all part of the story when you see the big gumbo pot of the Album. If you been on my Instagram and all that, you see it. You see where I been, you see when we put the first flyer there, been in the studio, been on the stage with E-40. You see this and this and this. Now this album is just telling the story of everything continued thus far. The people that was here along the way and organically got on the Album are people I never worked with. Like Mars, it was organic how I met Mars. We was on Twitter and somehow we just clicked. I sent him the song and he sent that back in an hour or two. With the hurry upness!

What are your goals for this New Year 2018?

I’m trying to do a Tour. I’m trying to take hella people with me. An organized Tour like the one’s I’m used to. I been on multiple Tours with E-40. I want to use my brand to help other people. We can all help each other. I always been preaching unity throughout all my Albums.

Absolutely, I agree with you. Your career has been an uphill flight so far. A Tour is exactly what will solidify you as a Headliner and Leader. I suggest all who read this if you get an opportunity to check out Big Omeezy on stage, do it! At the very least check out his latest work, The Great Communicator 3 available online everywhere.