What has changed since the last time we spoke and visited?

Since you last visited MYL Studio I think it was a year ago and I was still working on getting my feet wet in Seattle vs being so notable in Tacoma. Since then, I’ve released “The Resume” which was a compilation Project Produced and Organized by me. With the help of Choice Jones I was able to tap in and connect with any artist he brought through the lab an connect with them and make hits which lead me mixing dope top artists from Tacoma and Seattle also getting verses a few industry artists such as Trae The Truth, Nipsey Hussle and Killa Tay to name a few. It’s only digital released ( “The Resume” On Soundcloud.com/Drew-P-Bby )

Are you still with MYL?

#Hashtag #MYLUpNext lol hell yeah. I’m reppin. My loyalty runs strong we’ve had some people leave an venture off to new journeys and we’ve also had even greater talent join up with us and the ones who have stuck around through the grind I’ve noticed major growth in the fellas as the hits have been cooked up, especially with them each having their own taylor made #Drew-PBby beats to build with. Lol

“Fear Greatness” why did you call it that? Tell us about it.

Mac Dris and I have built this sound. I can’t say it’s West Coast or Southern music. It’s somehow blended together depending on the vibe. His turnt up energy with my smooth harmonies and heavy 808’s is just… a FEEL. Through the journey to making this project we had so many around us quit, or wonder when or what it takes to make it and questioning their GREATNESS. In that moment they’re faced with FEAR. Fear on if they’re wasting their time, fear if they’re even gifted enough and built for this, fear if people are really noticing their Greatness and FEAR being the reason people DON’T reach their full potential. We made this project filled with ambition and motivation. When you hear our singles like “BAGS” it just makes you wanna get up and get to the GRIND. When your listen to “CHAMP” hopefully even if you’re working in an office cubical you feel like a boss like Floyd Mayweather when you’re on the clock! Lol,trying not to give away too much, we also placed wise words from successful entrepreneurs to make sure FEAR is never something to stop you from reaching GREATNESS.

You are a very talented individual. What do you want to be first known for in the music industry?

My NAME. I want the name #Drew-PBby to be a house hold production name. I want to be known for my sound. I want you to feel the West Coast-East Coast and the Southern feel in my music because it’s everything that’s REALLY in my blood. I wanna be more than the “Beat maker” I emphasize the word PRODUCED because I work like Khalid or Diddy, after I create the beat I go get the Artist I want to paint the picture on the canvas that I set for them. When we shoot visuals I’m really hands on and particular when it comes to the idea & how things look and/or done. When you hear “Drew-P Bby” on a beat I want it to STICK!

What are your plans for 2018?

Hard work. Dedication. Grind don’t stop! 2018 means I need to start working for 2019 I’m already in 2018 the way I work. Me and “The Mac” (Dris) are going to release “FEAR GREATNESS” then consistency is key from here on out. We already have a whole new sound started after “FEAR GREATNESS” sizzle down a little bit. I wish I could describe it but you just gotta stay with the movement and we’ll keep feeding the fans. “FEAR GREATNESS” is a message to ourselves too. Think BIG and Go GET yours. For starters, I’ve been really trying to tap in with the VANS brand. I am a big supporter and would really like to be apart of the VANS team somehow. They’re mad dope and I put on for the brand in a major way when I move and I’m only going up from here lol.

Thank you very much Drew-PBby, tell Choice I said hello.

Thank you Mr Ceza it’s always good to holla at you man. It’s all love and you be safe my guy.

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Where were you born and raised?

I was born in Tacoma, Washington; raised in the Hilltop area. I don’t want to say it was bad, but it was…very challenging and competitive. There was poverty, it was definitely very poor. But it is a creative place where people are talented. We just didn’t have a big platform, but we are very, very talented. Growing up in that kind of environment, everything was just always competitive, in everything and anything that we did, you had to bring it if you wanted to make it.

When did you fall in love with music?

Since I was born, it’s always been a part of me. Music creates moods and it caters to you. It’s soothing, it’s for your soul, its’ an outlet. It takes away your problems. Whenever I had a problem, I turned to music. Whenever I needed excitement, I turned to music. When my Mom asked me to clean something up and I didn’t want to, I turned to music *laughs*. It’s just always been a part of me. I’ve always loved music. You can’t go a day without music. Music is life, ya know. It’s what gets the people going.

But ya know, after I lost my cousin, I knew I had to do music. At first, it was something I did for him, but now I do this for me. Then I started to get a fan base; people started supporting and encouraging me from all over the place, I knew this was something I had to do. Man, I even have foreign fans. People that don’t even speak English know my name and my music, that’s touching. All the messages and inspiration from the people telling me to keep going, and letting me know that I inspire them, made me realize I can alter people’s mood with my music. I can make someone’s day with my music. I love that. This is something I am supposed to do because I’m great at it. I love my fans.

How did you hook up with Drew P?

*Big smile* Drew-PBby, that’s my guy. We met a while back. An old business partner and I were starting a band, we wanted to go on the road and get some shows booked. As we were putting together the musicians, Drew-P came along as the drummer. At first, we were making music as a band, and I remember we would always give Drew a segment and a shout out at the shows. “Give it up for my drummer Drew-P” and he would just go crazy on those drums. He told me one day that he makes beats and he wanted to do some studio work. I was so in love and focused on the live stuff. But I just had to see what Drew had up his sleeve. He played one of his beats, and *snaps fingers* just like that I fell in love with the sound; it was the style I needed. From there it was all work, no play. We did a couple of songs together, but we didn’t have the connection we have today. I was still doing my thing, and he was doing his thing. It was kind of like we both grew as artists during that time. He hit me up one day and said, “Dris. I see you, you’ve been workin, and you’ve been movin. Can you do this hook for me?” I said, “sure of course.” That was Poppin Like Us. I sent the hook to him and he said, “damn my man, you come through every time!” We knew it would be a hit. Everyone loved it. We shot the video, put it out, and it became an instant hit. Working together was so enjoyable we felt that we couldn’t stop there. Our work ethic just matched. We clicked. We made songs every night until the morning. And now we’re here with “Fear Greatness”. And more to come with numerous songs to be released. Ya feel me! *laughs*

How did this Album “Fear Greatness” come about?

Drew and I had been working in the studio from maybe 8pm to 6am making songs. We worked like that for about 3 months straight. We had so many songs but no plan yet, so we knew we needed to figure out the plan of our project. We decided to make it into an album…and another album…and another album, and release them back to back. We hear so many artists and producers create joint projects together, and we know we have a different sound, a great sound. We put all the songs together and just mapped out what we were going to do. We listened to the songs over and over again to really feel the music. What we have put together is greatness; greatness at its best. They say that hard work beats talent, but when talent works hard, it becomes great. And people fear great, they fear greatness, they fear failing. And that’s something that has never been in me, on me, or around me; fear. That’s where the fear greatness concept came from.

What are your intentions with your music?

I want to reach the masses. I want to be better than anybody ever was. I want to be the greatest of all time. I want to live forever through my music. I want to continue to touch the souls of every individual and to change their perspectives and moods. I want to keep them happy and give them what they want. And last but not least, I want to make a whole lot of money while doing it! *laughs, smiles real big, and hits the blunt*.

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