Sucka Free Sundayz with TerminKNOWLEDGEE!!!

RYZEwithme Entertainment and We Out Here Entertainment SUCKA FREE SUNDAYZ LIVE AT SAMPAN. Rob Spruill coordinated a crew of very driven and motivational cats. Not to mention they are all likeminded; believing Hip Hop is commUNITY. As a contributor to 1 World Hip Hop International Magazine I took notice to some movement out in the PNW and we decided to team up and bring you SUCKA FREE SUNDAYZ W/ TerminKNOWLEDGEE featured right here on the 1 World Magazine website. Each week the lineup will compete for a chance to be featured in the column on our website, every quarter 3 lucky artists will be featured in PRINT in our magazine.

Just to give you a little insight this Sunday will be the 3rd week and believe me word is getting around; the crowd was about 70 deep last Sunday, nothing but positive vibes and real Hip Hop. I know I can speak for the whole team and the artists when I say WE look forward to packing the house.

About the Creator of Sucka Free Sundayz:

In 2011, I Robert “S.P.” Spruill started my company We Out Here Entertainment. The goal was to produce events for North West artist to showcase their talents. One of the more memorable series that was created was Sucka Free Sundays. As the events grew, so did the pool of performing artist. Which allowed them to, strengthening their fan base, better networking, and most importantly…..UNITY. Sucka Free Sunday had a real organic family type vibe about it. The series ran its course of a year before the venue decided to close its doors. Promoting unity within the hip hop community up and down the I-5, has a positive effect on everyday people. By emphasizing accountability and personal responsibility, artist understand their roles at these events. Which makes for a foundation of solid values, people skills, and business ethic. It’s the end of 2017, now 2018 and it’s back!! Some old faces, some new faces, same agenda. I am the Orator who is here to Nurture and Edify the minds of our Kids, Adults and all Humanity about Love with the Efficiency to be Outspoke. I am One Kahleo

First Week:

One of the two winners we chose on our first Sucka Free Sundayz is out of Olympia WA; he goes by Tre. Demetrius Jones AKA Tre, formally known as DJones. He is best known for co-founding the musical group #HK3. Tre has an innate ability to connect with his audience, every lyric is articulated with passion, authenticity, and substance. He is influenced by a variety of genres which can be heard within his music. Tre allows his vulnerability, aggression, and own truth to speak through his music. Watch out for his upcoming YouTube campaign “EveryDaeTre” where he will be releasing a song a day to empower others in self-belief and forward progression with force!

Our second winner is a duo team David Kish AKA KI$H and DeVon Young AKA Young SaVage. Both were born in the Olympia, Washington. Rapping about trials and tribulations they have experienced throughout life, their lyrics consistently connect with others within our culture. KI$H an 80’s baby was captured by the culture listening to artists such as Twista, Master P, Brotha Lynch Hung and Bone Thugs just to name a few. He became the life of the party in high school practicing verses which earned him the nickname “KI$H Bone”. SaVage grew up with music pumping through his veins. He lived a difficult life with a relentless father that hoped for a son to create music like himself. His father introduced him to several greats, such as 2pac, IceCube, Tech N9ne, Nas, and many more. Unknowingly poetry also pumped through Young SaVages veins, a talent inherit from his mother. Both KI$H and SaVage credit Jason Jones AKA Yak Nasty That Nilla for their early collaborations. They bring great stage performance, courage, vulnerability and love for Hip Hop every time they spit.

Second Week:


Our second week’s winners were off the hook!!!  Enasnimi, Rap group from Olympia WA shared their substance, with impeccable timing, and chemistry. Brothers “C Daddy Sickness” & “Rellik Tha Holy 1” started rapping together in 2007. In 2010 Enasnimi was formed with the release of their first album Toxic Symphony, followed by a second album released in 2012 I Got Ya Back, The Mixxxtape Vol 1.  Joining artists “Big Hoodoo” & “DJ Clay” from Psychopathic Records for a national tour in 2014 proved to be beneficial, editing and directing a music video for “DJ Clay.” They have gone on to perform in several music festivals including, Gathering of the Juggalos, Cloneapalooza, WickedFest, as well as shows that they have personally put on. Check out the dope cypher series they created, inviting talented artists from the Pacific Northwest to gather and showcase their skills. Northwest Cypher Parts 1&2, is directed and edited by them as well can be found on YouTube. You will not be disappointed.

Smell Dat Ent.

When you take raw East Coast Hip Hop, mix in the Dirty South, and sprinkle in some sexy R&B flava; you’ve been blessed with the tantalizing trio; SmellDat Ent., the additional winners during the second week of Sucka Free Sundayz. Alexander Bell AKA Black Magic, CEO of SmellDat Ent. born in Charleston, South Carolina and raised in Gainesville, Florida. Inspired by artists Pastor Troy, Gucci Mane, Outkast, UGK, and Lil’ Wayne. Black’s love for music is apparent in his performance. Him and his team own the stage with boundless crowd interaction and stellar production. Black started SmellDat Ent. in 2006 and 10 years later in 2016 signed Ryan “Dastatement” Jacobs and Joshua “JFergztheR&Bsinger” Ferguson. “Dastatement” born in Brooklyn, New York. With the service of a birthday dedication from his mom he fell in love with music at an early age. Motivated by Jay-Z, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Tribe, and De La Soul, you can hear a bit of his Hip Hop influences every time he spits. “JFergztheR&Bsinger” born in Buffalo, New York and raised in Tacoma, Washington. Driven by his Mother’s singing, Old School R&B and his beautiful children. JFergz craft is inspired by Lyfe Jennings, Tank, Musiq Soulchild and Maxwell. Finally, Manager Cavorisous “DJ” Thomas born in Tacoma linked up with “Black” early in 2015. He coaches the artists, endorses music and promotes the label. Together this team is a cut above the rest, they have great stage presence, comradery, and the crowd always want more. “Music so good you can smell it.” Let me ask you this; WHO DAT, THEY DAT…. ALLLL DAT! / DaState, Datpiff / DaStatement – TeamAlphaWolfpack, YouTube / DaState

Black Magic: SmellDat Ent. Page (facebook) / BlackMagic Bell

JFergz: SmellDat Ent. Page (facebook) / Joshua “Jfergz” Ferguson

Third Week:


Week three brought skills, thrills, and substance! Jamone Burnett AKA JamOne and Julius Brown AKA Caesar III our two Artists that won brought unique flow. JamOne, military brat considers the world his home, but Olympia is where he rests at. His Father planted the grain of melody and chords back in 1985, inspired by music itself, he does not really care who is making it, as long as someone is. Driven by a laundry list of emcees including Royce da 5’9, Big K.R.I.T, Black Thought and Rittz. He says his growth is continuous and you can hear it each time he spits another cut, his techniques raise the bar for others and himself. He does believe that competition unites all emcees, I would have to agree. He does not slow down, staying ahead of the game is key. Grow with JamOne by following his SoundCloud.

Julius Brown AKA Caesar III, originally from Philly but calls Tacoma home. Inspired by Tupac, Journey, Prince, Nirvana, and Paul McCartney, he does not discriminate genera’s outside of Hip Hop. His craft is driven by those around him who place unprecedented passion into their music, this motivates him to strive harder to hit the next level. That night Caesar did not perform for years before and believe me you could not tell. Talent, substance and passion pumped through his veins and moved the crowd. Follow Ceasar III on his SoundCloud and watch him get his piece of the Hip Hop pie.


DPH a.k.a Deven Rashaun Hocker, is an inspiring singer, song writer, musician and performer from Oakland, Ca. Residing in the Pacific Norwest DPH brings memorable hooks, strong desire and an incredibly appealing R&B style. He was an American Idol Contestant in 2003, as well as the W.O.W. Champion for B.E.T. 106th&Park for Hip Hop and R&B 2008-2010. DPH is affiliated with Lions Den 360 Entertainment managed by Doc Blackwell. Become enthralled by his natural chemistry with the crowd. Catching this talented performer live will leave you wanting more..

L.A. White

“Bio: L.A. White. Seattle born, U.S. raised entertainer. Acting since age 8 and writing songs since 14, L.A. White is the definition of perseverance. With the passions in touching others lives and art in a whole. You see exactly that when he hits the stage. Art passionately displayed and touching people.”

Serious MAK

Honorable mention: Serious MAK, much respect sent out to Michael A. Kover. He has a drive like no other, strives to be the best and attempts to network to all those surround him. His bio is listed below, keep an eye out for him, his drive and his many avenues of entrepreneurship.

“Bio: Serious MAK (Born Michael A. Kover, 1987) writes real world songs that many can relate too because he draws his inspiration from the people around him. You can feel the excitement from the drop of the first beat, the second Serious MAK hits the stage. The MAK man hails from Olympia, Washington. He has taken his musical talent on tours nationwide. He puts in a lot of hard work, time, and dedication for his fans while making his dream a reality. Serious MAK found his purpose in music and has been following his dream since a young age, writing lyrics at the age of twelve, with his first performance at sixteen. Throughout the last 11 years he’s faced challenges and grown, but while still loving, pursuing his goals and dream.”

“Get Serious MAK ‘S music Instores everywhere online on Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, google and more..”

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