In Hip Hop, one will be defined by their solo work. As for History, as an Emcee, I say your Solo Albums define your greatness. It’s been a long time coming for 12 Gauge Shotie’s solo album. Mixtapes and collabo projects have been what this Mary Jane Junkee been smokin’ for years. In 2009, 12 Gauge Shotie and The Jacka (R.I.P.) recorded and released the album ‘The Price Of Money’. This joint venture peaked at #88 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Billboard chart. It not only made noise all around California it also solidified a connection between the “Indie”stry giant Bay Area and then “charged up” San Diego Rap Music scenes. In late 2015 he and fellow San Diego emcee I-Rocc recorded the ‘Xan Diego’ album. Now Summer/Fall of 2016, 12 Gauge Shotie and Lil Blood have released the project, ‘Chicken Talk’.

Tell us about this album, I heard the music. It’s different, you’re up to speed, honestly you’re still the same Shotie. This new movement, this new music, tell us more about it.

We just keeping it active you know. Since I haven’t put music in a long time. It’s been about 4 years since I put out any music. I’m making sure I just keep up with the wave, new sound. But still kicking the same ol’ lyrics. When you hear it, it’s a complete package. You got to hear it. You know I aint lost touch, I aint lost much.

The Sound is an important thing in Hip Hop, tell us who’s providing the Beats I was hearing in the studio?

My boys The Futuristics and my boy Resource with Ear Drummers. He just signed with Mike Will and the Ear Drummers. He’s been doing a lot of my beats. Him and The Futuristiks and Fetti Slaps did a few beats.

Your Solo Album, it’s called ‘The 12 Step Program’. Tell us the energy, the meaning behind this album and title.

Well because basically It just talks about what all the shit I’m going through. Drug addiction, Bitches addiction, life addiction, weed addiction. You know so it’s just like all the steps you going through everyday of my life, mi vida loca, so it’s just all that shit, telling you that I’m trying to get better. So is working on the recovery. And leaving shit a lone that aint healthy for me. The ups and downs of going through it. That’s all it is.

Now you said earlier about being part of the Mary Jane Junkeez, what’s the status of the group?

Actually I got Point Blank Range aka Mikey D on my new album. He just got out the Fed. So he back working a little bit. But I got him on my project so. We might be able to put something together. But we all still in touch, we family, so that aint nothing gone change.

Shotie spoke about his resurgence into the 420 World, be that he is originally a Mary Jane Junkee.

I’m tappin’ back into the Weed World, my boy was asking me to headline a show on the next 4/20. I was like let me get back into that cause I’m a Mary Jane Junkee. Matter of fact I wouldn’t mind doing some new songs with Berner and Wiz Khalifa, get that Weed World poppin’!

Who are you working with now specifically besides the producers you mentioned? As far as putting the music out, making the music, where we at?

I’ve been working with my boy Top Shelf Fly, the General Fly with the Hunid Club Ent. We got our own compound. We bout to do some shit, we got shit in the works. Look out for Effn McCoy!




Now 1 World Magazine proud to introduce you to Lil Blood. An original Livewire Records Artist, now expanding into his own 3RD World imprint. Let’s find out all there is to know about Lil Blood.

When you first came in to the Rap game you were under Livewire Records weren’t you?

Yeah I’m still under Livewire. Shot out J.Stalin, Philthy Rich, Shady Nate, Ronald Mack, Stevie Joe, Kiwi Da Beast, Mayback, Lil Funk, Ruben Stunner, I’m still a part of that movement!

Talk about 3RD World Entertainment, what is that?

Ok 3RD World originally came from a hood in West Oakland. 30th & Linden. I’m actually from DogTown a few blocks up. But I used to get money on 30th & Linden. We just started calling it The 3RD. I had a lot of little homies from over there that was into music, like Lil Goofy. And Lil Goofy used to always tell me I rap, I rap, I do beats, I do beats. So one day he gave me a CD, I never took the CD out. I’m like damn this little nigga is hella dope! All this time I been rappin’, I haven’t sat down and paid attention to what’s going on around me. I was so used to pumpin off Stalin block. So I’m like shit, might as well start my own block. And I started pushin’ 3RD World and the first person that jumped off the porch with me was Lil Goofy. For a while me and Lil Goofy was like Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry. So we was pushin’ that shit and then we just started spreading our wings. We started fucking with Boo Banger outta San Francisco, Dee Jay outta Richmond, 12 outta San Diego. Free Booski, I don’t know we just came together. From Stockton to Fresno basically Sac the whole California. We just started locking in, just fucking with people. It just grew, it just took off like a wild fire.

This album with 12 Gauge Shotie, ‘Chicken Talk’. How did you get together to make this happen?  

It’s funny because I was in Los Angeles and 12 called me like, “Nigga you in L.A. so much, Daygo only a couple hours away, like what are you doing? You’re bullshitting. A lot of respect, I have a lot of respect for 12. 12 is a cool dude, a solid dude. Been solid since day one, since I met him he done showed me a lot. When I first met him I was still in the streets and we was funkin’ like, it was turnt up a lot! 12 was around when some shit went down. My respect level went all the way up for 12 since that day. Back to the subject. I was in L.A. and he called me like, “Nigga you all the way in L.A., why you always staying there? Why you won’t pull up on me yet?” Nigga I don’t feel like driving, there’s too much traffic, come get me. 30 minutes later he called me like, “Nigga I’m on the freeway, where you at?” I just told him where I was at, I didn’t even give him no address. He knocked on the door and said, “Come on, you ready?” We went to Daygo, we didn’t even plan to record or nothing. Just went down there to fuck with my nigg. We went to the studio that they had just put together, Hunid Club I believe. Shot out to Fly. We had went to the studio, beautiful studio. I was like damn, cool, what’s going on? I was just pulling up beats, he was pulling up beats, Fetty Slaps was pulling up beats. One thing lead to another and in a day or two we had an album done.

Why the title ‘Chicken Talk’ for those who don’t know?  

Honestly we couldn’t come up with a title to the album because we was just recording. We couldn’t really come up with it. At first we was gone name it ‘Something About Syrup’, then I’m like, Nah I’m not feeling that. He came with ‘Chicken Talk’. First I wasn’t feeling it cause I’m like Gucci did that bro. That’s Gucci Mane. And as I listened to the CD I was like fuck it! It’s catchy, we talkin’ about Chicken you know hey that’s what it was. Chicken to us means money, when we say Chicken we mean money! We’re not talking about no birds, we not talking about no dope, we talking about straight money. Chicken is slang for money to us. Chicken Talk means basically Money Talk.

You guys got a couple singles out for ‘Chicken Talk’, tell us about those.

We got ‘You Ugly’ out, that was one of the first songs recorded. That song was recorded, it was funny me and 12 had rolled to the 7-11 down the street from the studio. We was on the little boogie boards. We go in there and the store man was just looking at us like we were thieves or something. “What the Fuck is You Looking at?” We got thousands on us, not to brag or nothing, but at the end of the day were not coming to steal from you, steal no $2-3 soda. So we came up with the ‘Ugly’ shit. That inspired me with the hook. We got another song called ‘Dirty’ featuring Effn McCoy which is another cool song on the CD. I’m a keep it real with you I was high as giraffes’ pussy when we did that man. We was off so much Syrup. The song actually came out vey dope! Shot out Blind Folks Vision outta Chicago, Illinois. He flew out and shot the video for us. Daygo, when we was down there we got a whole lot of work done. ‘Chicken Talk’, yall gonna love the album. It’s a great album, especially being from San Diego and Oakland, so that’s like two different aspects of the game you getting the game from. Two different sides you getting the game from. From a Southern California aspect and a Northern California aspect. We just brought it together.

So if you’re a fan of West Coast Hip Hop or simply looking for some dope rhymes over some fresh beats then pick up ‘Chicken Talk’ online and in stores now. Check 1worldmag.com for more on 12 Gauge Shotie and Lil Blood.


“Chicken is slang for money to us. Chicken Talk means basically Money Talk” – LIL BLOOD


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