I actually wanted to get Odessa Kane in the first issue of 1 World Magazine, but things just didn’t work out. So here we are today where San Diego Hip Hop is being looked at by Magazines, Labels and talent scouts. The variety of Hip Hop in San Diego is incredible. So only right I jumped right into the middle and so I bring you Odessa Kane.

How long have you been doing Hip Hop actively?

Since I was a little kid breakdancing. I’m in this really deep. I really started getting into the rhyming when I was in Jr. High and High School. That’s a while back too. It all started with my collective, The Masters Of The Universe: Orko, Eclipse, and all my brothers we put out ‘Microcrusifiction’. That was the first time I ever recorded and had it put out on tape. Then we dropped ‘Back To The Future’ and after that you hear me on a couple of Orko’s albums. Shortly after that I dropped a super Underground solo album. It was self titled ‘Odessa Kane’ that I dropped. Then after that it was ‘The Briefcase Narrative’. Took some time off. Came back and linked with my brother Infinity Gauntlet and Autopsy, who were also from Masters Of the Universe. Dropped ‘Civil War’, that was dope. But then again   I really wasn’t messing with music too much. It wasn’t until I got into organizing and becoming more active in my community that I came back and decided, yo I really want to do this “Rap” thing now. I want to use my talent for something. Then we dropped ‘Cuetes & Balisongs’ EP. I dropped that with my brother (Infinity Gauntlet), he produced all of it. It received dope acclaim around the City. That would solidify me making my next move. To drop ‘Left To Bear Arms’, and that dropped through Beat Rock Music. I signed with them and we are currently working on our new on so..

Congratulations on all your success so far! It seems like everything you’ve done has really left a mark.

I’m trying to. Quantity, not my thing. Me taking my time and creating something is always been key for me. So I know some folks are like, yo we want more, we want more! But I want to give folks my best, I want to be as insightful as I can. In depth and in tune with what I’m feeling and going through at the moment so. So yeah right now a “Full Length” is on the table. I’ve connected through the blessings of the Most High with dope production, I got a dope squad that’s behind me, advocating for me. It’s coming out exactly how I wanted it to come out. I feel good about it.

You mentioned Masters Of The Universe. Out here in San Diego it seems like there are a lot of crews. I respect that, I actually love that about SD. Cause where I’m from in the Bay it’s not really like that much anymore. There’s a few left and some going but most don’t identify themselves like that anymore.

It’s a dog eat dog world and every man for themselves. I was fortunate enough to come up under Masters Of The Universe cause we cared about each other. We pushed each other, we wanted to see each other bring out the best in ourselves. If it meant going at each other and just keeping our blades sharp, that’s what we did. My big brother Orko Eloheim, my big brother KB Forrest, Kontroversial Black and my brother Adam 12, Eclipse. These are all folks who live right up the street from here. This is where we were at perfecting our craft. Without them I wouldn’t be who I am. I wouldn’t even engaged in trying to find myself, to go deeper past just the Hip Hop thing. But who am I? What do I represent? Why am I doing this? Because of them of a brotherhood like that, family that I honor to this day I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now. So it’s because of brothers like that that helped me get to where I’m at and I just want to honor them anytime I rap.

Awesome! Your messages and music are spreading. It’s an honor to have you in 1 World Magazine. See you on your next move.

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