Our second winner is a duo team David Kish AKA KI$H and DeVon Young AKA Young SaVage. Both were born in the Olympia, Washington. Rapping about trials and tribulations they have experienced throughout life, their lyrics consistently connect with others within our culture. KI$H an 80’s baby was captured by the culture listening to artists such as Twista, Master P, Brotha Lynch Hung and Bone Thugs just to name a few. He became the life of the party in high school practicing verses which earned him the nickname “KI$H Bone”. SaVage grew up with music pumping through his veins. He lived a difficult life with a relentless father that hoped for a son to create music like himself. His father introduced him to several greats, such as 2pac, IceCube, Tech N9ne, Nas, and many more. Unknowingly poetry also pumped through Young SaVages veins, a talent inherit from his mother. Both KI$H and SaVage credit Jason Jones AKA Yak Nasty That Nilla for their early collaborations. They bring great stage performance, courage, vulnerability and love for Hip Hop every time they spit.


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