Our second week’s winners were off the hook!!!  Enasnimi, Rap group from Olympia WA shared their substance, with impeccable timing, and chemistry. Brothers “C Daddy Sickness” & “Rellik Tha Holy 1” started rapping together in 2007. In 2010 Enasnimi was formed with the release of their first album Toxic Symphony, followed by a second album released in 2012 I Got Ya Back, The Mixxxtape Vol 1.  Joining artists “Big Hoodoo” & “DJ Clay” from Psychopathic Records for a national tour in 2014 proved to be beneficial, editing and directing a music video for “DJ Clay.” They have gone on to perform in several music festivals including, Gathering of the Juggalos, Cloneapalooza, WickedFest, as well as shows that they have personally put on. Check out the dope cypher series they created, inviting talented artists from the Pacific Northwest to gather and showcase their skills. Northwest Cypher Parts 1&2, is directed and edited by them as well can be found on YouTube. You will not be disappointed.



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