Nataanii Means – Warrior

In today’s society we’re quick to use the word ‘Warrior’, but in a lot of Indigenous People’s language across Turtle Island, that word is translated into many different definitions. In this video I chose to travel the country to different events and locations to depict our modern day warriors, in everything they do, because all of us are fighting to survive in one way or another. Which brings it back to why in our languages, the definition isn’t limited to one.

Directed & Edited by Nataanii Means
Director of Photography- Terrance Clifford
Co-Director of Photography- Angel Mills

Shot at various locations over the course of one year.
Natives Lives Matter Rally- Rapid City, SD
LNI- Rapid City, SD
Porcupine, SD
Wounded Knee, SD
Navajo Walkers- Blanco, CO
Canyon de Chelly- Chinle, AZ
Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM
Santa Fe, NM