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Every now and then a new artist pops up out of nowhere, grabs you by the throat and makes you pay attention to their music and their movement. Big Pun, Kendrick Lamar and even Drake have all had that kind of impact on the rap game over the years, and now we can add the name Chyna Streetz to that list. This Brooklyn born MC has honed her craft and carved out her own lane in a very competitive genre in New York City, the birthplace of Hip Hop.

With influences like Tupac “because of his passion” and Biggie “because of his lyrical skill and word play”, it’s no wonder she has become so popular so fast. Her latest single ‘Pull Up’ is already an Anthem all over the streets and is making lots of noise in clubs all over New York City.

“I wanted to make a track that was a straight party song, a song girls can play while they’re putting on their makeup and getting ready to go out to the club and a song guys can roll a blunt to while cruising around looking for girls to holla at LOL. The beat was actually a birthday present from my friend and producer Abdul Rasheed. I told him exactly what I wanted and he custom made it for me and it turned out amazing”.

‘Pull Up’ has really taken off and was even nominated for Song Of The Year by the prestigious Voiceless Music Awards.

Her new album ‘Queen Chy’ is dropping late 2016 and features production by Mellow Beats, Supreme Clientele and Young Neil just to name a few. You can hear more, see more and learn more about this amazing artist Chyna Streetz on her various social media accounts, Check her out, you’ll thank me for it…

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