Hip Hop is in a dark place right now, not just because it’s come under a number of agenda’s all being led by greed, perversion, power and perception. It’s safe to know 1 World Magazine still looks into Artists in this case Emcee for her lyrical skills. Lyrics have become second even third in priority when it comes to song making in 2018. I received an email from a publicist about a new Emcee from North Carolina. I listened to her whole project and was very pleased at what I had just heard. I welcome Lena Jackson to 1worldmag.com

How and when did you know you had the gift to spit rhymes?

I knew I had the gift at about 13. I saw all of the boys at my school having rap ciphers, and I just knew I could beat all of them. So I combined my prior poetry skills with their aggressiveness and braggadocio, and lo and behold- I was dope. My motivation back then was based in competition, but now it’s mainly for the love of hip-hop and the thrill of wordplay. I can still beat those guys though, to this day.

Who are your favorite Female Emcees right now? Of All Time?

My favorite female emcees right now are still my all-time favorites. I love Missy Elliot, Lauryn Hill and Lil’ Kim- and always will. MC Lyte will forever wear a crown to me. Her energy and talent is undeniably legendary. As far as current female rappers, I really respect their boldness to do and be exactly who they are. From Cardi to Rapsody, it’s refreshing to see expanding options in that “female rap” category. We need more of “us” with different styles and sounds.

Tell us about your Debut Release and the energy you put into it. It’s very impressive by the way. 

Thank you! My debut release is called “Darkness Brim”. It’s essentially a huge chunk of my emotional journey through life thus far. I would say it’s a glimpse into the past decade of my existence. The issues I discuss: trauma, domestic abuse, mental health- these are things I’ve also witnessed among many other people besides myself. For that reason, I knew someone out there would feel this. They may not blast it at their next house party, but they’ll acknowledge it when the time is right. When you listen to it from start to finish, it plays out like a story of sorts.

Will you be touring? Any events coming up?

I’ll likely tour before the end of the year. I have a few events I’m lining up at the moment; I’ve actually been expanding into more community-based events that cater to specific causes as well. I performed at the Women’s March this year, recently did a benefit concert for domestic violence, and am planning a hip-hop showcase garnered towards teenagers. I love doing things like that. There’s more to come, you’ll just have to keep in touch and stay tuned.

Why is it so important you stick to Boom Bap, fundamental Hip Hop instead of the current trend of Trap?

The primary reason Boom Bap is important to me is because it’s the most authentic for me. I respect other sub genres; I just feel that whatever you create can sound good, if it’s authenticallyyou. Don’t fake the funk. I’ve experimented with other types of sounds, and I make it dope. But anything that feels forced, I just cannot do. I’m always up for a challenge, but Boom Bap is home.

What’s next for you this Summer 2018? Any Singles or Videos?

I JUST dropped a new music video for my latest single “End Of The Tunnel” featuring female rapper/singer Maestra. I love creating visuals for my songs, so there will probably be another coming by Summertime. There’s also another project in the works that I can’t go into detail about just yet; I’ll just have to surprise everybody when it happens!

Thank You Lena Jackson for sharing your story so far. We look forward to your every move! Go and check out her debut EP Darkness Brim at Bandcamp.com or Audiomack #1Love #1World #1WorldofMusic


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