First of congrats on all your success and accomplishments in your musical career so far! I read your article in All Bay Music Magazine, seems music has been a major part of your entire life.

Second, your talent is real your music is authentic, who helped you get to where you are right now?

My Mom. Don’t get it twisted I have many people who contribute to my career but no one works harder than my Mom. Her experience in the game being friends with Tupac and Ray Luv helped me know wrong from right throughout this journey. She’s with me at every show and every event. She’s the K-Town Mama! She makes sure everyone in my group is good, and keeps us in line when we hyphy haha.

Next, your wheelchair. Why are you in one? (As much detail as you feel comfortable saying)

My disease is called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). I was born with this and confide to a wheelchair since the age of 3. I’ve had 2 major surgeries and serious medical issues but I have learned a positive attitude and a good sense of humor gets you a long way. Life’s been an up and down roller coaster but I’m a ride this thang out and see where it takes me.

Great attitude. You truly are a positive energy out here. How challenging is it being an emcee in a wheelchair?

The biggest challenge I have is getting this 400lb wheelchair on some of these stages… sketchy! Lol but when it comes to rap I don’t feel like I’m no different than anyone else. My group K-Town with Preacher and Jamilly Willie always stick with me wherever I go. When you see Tajie D expect to see them somewhere right next to me. I’ve been rocking stages with them since I started rap.

What are you working on right now?

I dropped “Leave Your Mark” feat. Remedy on Jan. 20th. It’s been a track long overdue.

I just shopped a track to Kool John and I’m also planning a couple solo singles plus a single with my group K-Town as well. Other than that I’m going to just let everything come organically. I know me and Slapmaster will be cooking up stuff all year.

Leave Your Mark, great song and video. What’s the meaning you want the listeners to get out of it?

I met Remedy like 4 or 5 years ago and I knew if we made a track together it would be iconic. We saying something! People in our positions that have the drive and the passion for music it’s a little harder to get things accomplished. Hopefully we can reach others and make them realize if you work hard enough under any circumstances you can still do what you want to do, and make life work for you! Never give up! Everyone should leave their mark!

What is the name of your label?

Fallen Angel Music. Owned by my Mom Tara Cossey and myself. Currently we have International distribution through SUGO Music out of Half Moon Bay. It consists of my group K-Town, Preacher, Jamilly Willie, Rocky Cimina, and Stewie G. All of us live in Lake County and these are the tight knit group I stick with, musically and personally. Be sure to look for us on flyers and/or IG for upcoming projects. @therealtajied @thepreacher91 @jamillywillie_ktown7 @rockycimina @stewie_g_23

What’s available right now?

My projects “Diamonds in The Rough”, “The Cherub” and my singles “That’s Just Me” featuring Anonymous That Dude. “Cruise” featuring Will Harmony. “Leave Your Mark” featuring Remedy. Plus way more. I been trying to build my catalog as much as I could throughout the next couple years so there’s a little bit over everything on there. My homie Khayree says I’m diverse and people will like that.

I agree with that. Making every move count is important for an Indi Rapper. Anything you would like to say??

Anyone else who’s out there going through something physically or emotionally, it’s not too late. Get up and do something. We can achieve just as much as everyone else we just have to do it a little differently. I hope my music along with me being a person can help strike others to live life the way they want.

Thank You, your life story/career has been inspiring to many. Keep up the good music and we’ll lot’s more of Tajie D and K-Town in the very near future.  




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