I’ve been a fan of B-Legit ever since I originally heard him as part of the group The Click. His commanding voice and respectful Game has earned him a place in Hip Hop History whether you knew that or not. One of many talented members from his Family outta Vallejo, B-Legit continues to this day to build on his legacy and continue the quality and excellence his Family brings to the table of life.

First of all congratulations on the release of Connected & Respected, the album from you and E-40. Tell us how does it feel to finally get that out to your fans?

I feel like it was needed. For all generations. People that are still singers in the Rap Game, still active in it, and people that still love Hip Hop. Hip Hop really aint old, as a whole. For those who find it hard to adjust into the younger generation, it kind of reminds me of when my Mom’s and them were playing music. And then Hip Hop came. It was like the youngstas got a new thang now. But it’s all music. We just happen to be the one’s that’s been around for 30 years. You see we still deal with the younger artists like Nef The Pharaoh, OMB Peezy. We got young Ocky Ocky on Block Movement, so we deal with that. We know their point of views, and where their coming from, they’re style of music. As well as we do what we do. So um we did some music, this time so to speak to kind of educate because we know where they coming from. Kind of like put the message back into the music, some content about it. You know do it the way that we do it. You know our type of music of course. West Coast, Bay Area. Make it more like a classic, something you can actually get something from and go back and have a good time and learn something from. So we thought it was necessary for that, being that we been around during the whole duration of 30 years.

It’s funny you say that, I always put you and E-40 in that class of preaching and teaching and basically just giving Game.

That’s what we do, we deliver Game. That’s how we came in, that’s with Game. We felt like the pioneers of Hip Hop when they had songs like “The Message” and The Message they was reporting live, giving you Game on what was going on. Not knocking nobody else, but that’s our job. So we taking responsibility. If we been in the Game and grew to what we are, we felt we had a right to give you some instructions.

Well they’re well needed.

And it’s always been there. Don’t buy a $85,000 car before you buy a house. Always been there.

How many times has that been repeated?

Ohhh so many times. So many times. You know, some of these people don’t have Fathers, so you might have an OG that might be your Uncle, he like a second Dad, you know we talk about that type thing. For those who don’t have that, they got us. They want Block music, we’ll give it to them. We give it to them straight, not laced.

Connected & Respected, it took so long to come out, is there a part 2? This is like a Click album almost?

Well no, that’s what’s coming next. There’ll be a new Click album. Connected & Respected is something that we promised our fan base long ago and it’s never too late but you got to make good on your promises. It could have been 1, 2 and 3. We did several of them. But we felt this was the right one, and the right time to be released. We’ll see what it is, you know we not gonna stop doing music now. We got a lot of projects coming.

Tell us more about what you got coming out, I want to know?

Well we got the Block Movement Project that really features me and also the Artists that’s on my label, Ocky Ocky, Taj-He-Spitz and King Cydal coming with his mixtape. So we working man and we got some stuff coming out. We gone drop that album, basically I call it “Throwblock Music” I had Throwblock Music 1, this is gonna be Throwblock Music 2. It’s just music that you didn’t hear all them times when I was still recording and I just put together 10-12 tracks and put it out. Of course my new album, then The Click album. There’s a lot of music coming.

That’s good to hear, you guys were pioneers, still leading the way, actually if you look at it correctly. So it’s good to hear that you’re very active doing it.

Definitely, D-Shot just dropped his movie and soundtrack “Don’t Get Caught” and we on there too. Click songs on there, Suga-T on there, we all working.

It’s good to hear the Family is back making music. We look forward to all these projects to drop. Look for a B-Legit album with Cuddy of Cali Life Musik and continue to support the real ones!




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