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Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sane Sinatra has found himself in a not so good situation. Living in the South Valley part of town, Sane Sinatra told us, “Out here in South Valley, this is kind of one of the poor neighborhoods. If you ever come to New Mexico, Albuquerque you’ll know about the South Valley. I came up rough, Pops was locked up. Moms was on welfare. Had an older Brother. It was just me and him. Coming up, I had to see him, my Brother was a little hustler dog. That’s kind of where I got my game from. It’s all him man. My Pops, he was a loose cannon doing his own shit. I kind of just soaked up everything older Bro was doing. He was out there pitching bags, making money doing things Moms is telling him not to do. Bro was out there for real. Valley Gardens, that’s what we came to rep out here. That’s our set. There’s a lot of sets out here in the Valley, there’s a lot of gang activities out here. When I was coming up that’s what I rep’d Valley Gardens. Older Bro kind of paved the way for me, shit I did my thing. We still do what we gotta do out here to eat but its all good. Everybody is good on my side.

How did you get that name?

I was kind of more the normal cat out of the guys I ran with. I ran with a lot of loose cannons, you know what I mean? Wildcats, I was just kind of the normal one. The Sane one. Not the Insane one, the Sane one trying to preach some shit into their minds. Get ‘em right. You know any situation with the homies, I was just trying to do good shit with them. I’m trying to build bridges not burn bridges.

Yes most Artists in your position are just trying to get heard. Sometimes as a Magazine/Media I feel similar to that, I just wish someone would read what I write. What have you doing to get heard so far?

I used to mess with my homeboy Ivan at Raw Muzik out here. He had a shop in 07, 08, 09 to 2010. He was doing real good. It was before digital music really took over. It was back when you could go buy CDs and all the mixtapes and all that. We used to do Independent stuff out here. We had a solid group Aint No Simpin Records. We had Cutthroat, my boy Joe D (Dimagio). I had Medicated Music, my boy Big Smoke Dog. All 3 of us kind of clicked up and made a super powered independent label out here and we made some noise. We did the Albuquerque Sunshine video, we dropped many independent albums out here. They just weren’t being heard. Albuquerque, we didn’t really have no way to push it elsewhere. But out here we do shows all the time. It was cool man, good times.

So what is your current push? What are you getting ready to drop?

I took a little bit of time off. Got the family. Had some issues. Had to get some situated, know what I mean? Now I’m doing real good. My new Album is dedicated to my boy Joe Dimagio. He passed away in 2016. Actually on July 30th. My Album is called Commemoration 7/30/2016. It’s dedicated all to him. He’s on the cover. Honestly this dude right here was the dude everybody wanted to be like. He was the dude. I fucked with him tough. He took me in, he knew where I was coming from, what I was spittin, ever since we met. Dude was doing his thing, he was messing with Goldtoes out there in Frisco pretty tough. Like out here, I know right before he passed he was hitting me up, shooting me the text “Bro a little more time, it’s about to pop, any minute”. He was doing his thing. It’s sad that he got took from us. I mean just too soon. That whole year, I kind of evaluated everything, because he died in a car wreck. It was suspect, you know how shit goes down, I kind of just based this album off the love I had for him and the music. Just picking up where he was at. Picking up where he left off. Just trying to get it done. He was going hard bro. At that time I was kind of not doing nothing. I was falling off a little. We had done like 3 albums together, a couple mixtapes. It was a tough Album for me for sure.

When is it dropping?

Check it out, dropping 7/30/18. 2 years after his passing. Commemoration slaps, it’s all produced by Tone Jones on all the knockers. I got a couple of bonus features. I got a nice one with Joe Dimagio. I just like making music. It’s about making it sound good. It’s about making somebody feel like you know what, “Replay”, “Repeat”. That’s what I want, I want them to play the Album again. I’m a fan myself, I like to slap somebody’s shit, throw it in my deck and it just smacks all the way through. That’s what I like to hear. On this album, that’s what I came with. There’s really no features. I got my boy Joe D, my boy who passed away on a couple hooks.

Before you go anybody else you want to mention?

My boy Boogie (Boogieman505) Boogie Beats. Check him out his beats are slappin man. He’s got super good prices. He got that SouthWest flavor, check him out. My boy DJ Unkut, he got a little bit different sauce, his shit is slappin too. If you guys looking for eats, fuck with them. Those are the cats I fuck with out here. I also wanted to tell you about another album I’m coming out with, I hookep up with my boy Jake Lamotta out there in Texas. It’s called Route Runnin’. That shit will be out early August/September. There’s a lot of heavy hitters out here. My homeboy Romero from Clika 1, he’s one of the hardest hitters out here, real shit. Anybody that’s fucking with music, go fuck with him. That fool got it, he spit fire!

You will be able to find this on iTunes, Spotify and all the usual digital outlets you can find music. Sane Sinatra also mixes, he works on his own music. If you need mixing or a feature from New Mexico hit his IG. If you aint spending check it out on Soundcloud. #1WorldMagazine


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