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This Cleveland, OH suburban Rap Group consists of 6 members. Rossi, Peso, Bucks, Mitch, Rico & Natti. Growing up in Lorain, Ohio all members range from 19-22 years old. They’ve been friends for the last 11 years.

For real, for real, we all been close friends for at least 10 years. But we came together on the music side about a year and a half, 2 years ago,” said Twin Rossi. Each pursuing separate Rap careers up until 2 years ago when they all decided to become a Rap group.

Since forming their group in 2015, they have worked with more established Artists from Cleveland such as Ray Jr. and Lil Cray. The group says that their biggest music inspirations are each other.

We look up to ourselves right now, I’m not trying to be cocky or nothing, we just be feeding off our own energy. We be going off each other n’ stuff,” says Twin Rossi. When in the studio, they “vibe off each other” to make different types of music.

We speak exclusively with 2Twin Rossi. What are you guys pushing right now?

We got the mixtape out, “Twin Lyfe”.

Why did you call yourselves Two Twin (z)?

It’s for a street, it’s a block. It’s where we grew up and shit.

So many members in the group what are you trying to accomplish?

To change our community for the better. We want the world to know who are.

Are you guys doing a lot of shows, just releasing singles, you just recording a lot, what you guys been doing a lot of?

We be doing a little bit of everything, but we just booked a couple of shows, we still getting booked. We’re building up our singles on SoundCloud, videos on YouTube.

Out of all the music you’ve tasted so far, what has been your favorite? What aspect? What poertion, what part?

Probably doing the shows for real. Performing, probably doing the shows for real, watching the crowd vibe to us while we speaking our stuff to ‘em, it’s pretty dope for real.

Look for their first project/mixtape “Twin Lyfe” on Digital Outlets. Two Twin have released many singles on YouTube, SoundCloud, Spinrilla, iTunes and Spotify. Go to YouTube and check out 2Twin “Need More” and 2Twin “I Had To Get It” and the hit, 2Twinz “Slow Feet”. They plan to make Two Twin a Global Franchise.

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