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Montana Montana Montana outta Bakersfield California has built a solid foundation through hard work, trial and error and pure hustle. I believe his heart, mind and talent have taken him to today. A handful of releases, now an artist signed, 925Five Records is preparing for a full takeover.

As a CEO and Artist, you’ve released some very solid albums through solid distribution. Tell us the 4 Projects you’ve released already. Names and what they meant to you personally?

2014: After the much success of the “Really Not A Rapper” EP I partnered with J-Diggs for the twelve track studio album “Really Not A Rapper“. Distributed through 925Five Records / Rapbay / Urbanlife and City Hall Records. This album probably means the most to me because I got a chance to work with a lot of artists I listened to as a kid growing up. When I released the street single “World Wide Mob” featuring Messy Marv, Joe Blow, AP.9 and Fed-X of the Mob Figaz. The song was an instant classic.

2015: My artist name is so long that print media started calling me “Montana 3xs” in a couple press releases I was starting to catch fire, later that year it was announced that I would be signing to Ghazi’s Empire digital Label thanks to The Label Group. Montana Montana Montana second studio album “Lovie Johnson”, landed on EMPIRE. Featuring valuable input from Joe Blow, Mistah F.A.B., Paige Raymond and SleepDank, it debuted at #10 on iTunes West Coast Rap charts. This was my first album without the J-Diggs presents title. I made this one for all of my organic fans to show them I will be sticking around for years to come.

2016: SleepDank and Montana Montana Montana, we announced our group album MACLAFORNIA (released on 925Five Records). It earned both critical acclaim and popular success with a hit single that charted inside the Bay Area Rap Top 20 “Louie Shades” featuring Coolio Da’ Unda’Dogg from Cavvy R Records.

2017: I was struggling with legal trouble this year. I was in and out of court. This was draining my music creative energy but I still dropped a digital release “Lovie Johnson 3” with the lead single “You Can Get It” featuring Big Fame.

2018: I linked back up with J-Diggs after his short sentence in prison and gave the world the follow up to the classic Really Not A Rapper album with guest appearances from San Quinn, Shady Nate from Livewire, Dubee from Thizz Nation, Shigady Da PlayBoy of the Crest Creepers, DB Tha General, Prodkt, Beeda Weeda, Coolio Da’ Unda’Dogg, ThaKutthroat Kodeine, Runya Jaw Johnson, Fly-Y of tha Pillionaires, & King Hot. I promise you this is a must grab album. Every track is perfect.

What does the future hold for Montana 3X and 925Five Records? What are your goals?

I’m working on more of the business side of the Industry. Right now focusing on a new Pop artist from Washington that I just signed to my 925Five label. Her name is Milla Romero. We just dropped her first single “Just Fine” and then we followed up with the “L.O.S.T.” single and video exclusively on Worldstar Hip Hop. Her self-titled EP is in stores now “Milla Romero” You can find her on all social media at @MillaRomero925 and you can search me on Youtube at Montana925vevo where you can subscribe and comment. Thank you and God bless.

Now we speak to newly signed Milla Romero. She also models as you can see in the photo here. First of all congratulations on your new release. I have to know what made you want to pursue a Music career?

I’ve always loved music. Was born around it actually. I’ve been dancing or singing since I was a little girl. However, High School is when I started learning how to write lyrics. We all have feelings and sometimes they are hard to express. I want to be someone that people can listen to when they are hurting, or happy, or need something to dance to. Music helps me express myself.

Tell us about your self- titled EP coming out?

My EP is filled with 5 songs. Each track is different in comparison to one another and that’s exactly what I’m trying to give the industry— variety. This album has 2 songs of me singing and 3 songs of me rapping. My first single “Just Fine” what it means to me it is about getting over a breakup. “So Blind” is the other one of me singing about my life. I’m the everyday girl next door going through regular girl problems “L.O.S.T.” is featuring 925Five Records CEO Montana Montana Montana. I love this song the most because I’m rapping on it instead of singing, expressing myself growing up and doing better than I was before. “Be With You” and “Queen Of Spokane” are also songs of me rapping, they are more upbeat and talking about my lifestyle.

What are your expectations doing this? Have they been met so far? Plans to execute?

Coming from a small town in Spokane WA I’m really just hoping to inspire people to be happy and get up and chase their dreams. I’ve grown up seeing teenagers cooped up in their room depressed. I want to motivate and remind them that they have a reason they’re here. It’s all mentality and if you tell yourself you want to hustle you’re going to. Sometimes people need a little push because times get rough. So if I can do that through music then I will! I know I did. And honestly my expectations have gone above and beyond what I’d ever thought since signing my contract with 925Five Records. There are so many people asking me questions, thanking me, congratulating me and telling me I’ve pushed them to do something they’ve always loved but never had the courage or drive to do. It’s just a blessing and it makes me want to keep going because that makes me feel like I’m doing the right thing. I really just plan to bring more relatable lyrics into my music along with music videos to put a vision to what I’m saying. I’ve got to be consistent though, it’s nothing if it’s not consistent. Remember my name Milla Romero 925

IG @ReallyNotARapper @MillaRomero925

Thank you both. You can find more from Montana Montana Montana in the latest issue of 1 World Magazine, available at

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