A True Rastaman, Rasta Music is very Worldly. Where were you born and raised?

Yes, Rasta is international, Rasta comes from all over the world, Rasta is unique.

My music is international because it travels all over the world thanks to Jah and my reggae music.

To be a Rasta is to be a human being, an international Rasta to give meaning to human thought and my music belongs to the whole world, it’s a music that we share with all peoples wherever people have it need, and my music is there to transmit love, a good vibe. It’s honest and sincere music, true Rasta music and today the people and the Rasta movement are no longer fooled, if you don’t give them the music they want and that comes from Jah kingdom, they will know it. We can’t live and continue to live through the past, we are in 2018 not in 1960 or 70s.

To be Rasta is to be everywhere in the world and my reggae music is there for that, an international Reggae Music which spreads more and more in the world. It belongs to God and comes from the Kingdom of Jah, you understand. I know we Rasta are mystical.

My music goes beyond reggae music, it’s loved by many styles of artists who write to me and who also know that I appreciate their music and their work. My music exists for us to be one people. Of course, Rasta is global, it’s in every country, it’s not only for Rastas but for everyone.

I was born in Babylon system, but I love Jamaica as a country of heart and I grew up in the ghetto like many of our brothers and sisters who live in all the ghettos of the world.

Have any Awards or Specific Recognitions you would like me to mention in your article?

I have no reward you know, no prize. I have my music coming from the Most High.

Thanks to my music I have the recognition of the international media, magazines, radios, musical sites, and so on…. and I thank them.

That’s my life, I’m not here to win prizes, I don’t care, but if there are prizes it will be good.

I prefer the opinion of the musicologists because it’s much more important for me, to have opinions of professionals of the music and very important for me the opinion of the consuming ear. Their opinion interests us my team and me. My music works for all peoples and it encompasses all nations.

Everyone makes his music as he can, some run behind an award, I’ll never run after prizes, it’s not my thing.

NEW MOMENT, your new Album, tell us about the energy you put into it? What does this record mean to you?

I put a lot of energy into this album, it was very difficult to build but I did it with the grace of Jah. It took me several months, even several years because I built it alone. It took a while, but I still managed to do it alone and in full. I put some musicians on some tracks, but I played the whole album, each instrument. It was a big job, but I liked doing it. I put a great energy, a very positive energy full of love because when you go to the studio you really must be focused, and I don’t have much financial mean to go to recording studio, I couldn’t lose one minute and even every second was important.

I loved creating and making this album. Each track was very intense to compose for me and leaving the studio after each track, I was happy with the job and the production, it progressed more and more. That’s a real satisfaction for me, you know. What makes me want each time to continue and go further is to build a very disciplined work to get this great production.

I built this album for all the peoples in the world. Because we are living a hard and strange time. When I see all this oppression that our people live, when I see all this scorn we receive on this planet that is also ours, the way they look at us, the way they behave with us. This is happening all over the world and goes beyond what we could think. To receive all this planetary violence is already very difficult for all of us and in addition to being subjected to oppression, I think that is asking a lot.

I built this album because it represents my way of thinking and feeling our land. I’m a singer, I make my sound, my music, in a world that is ruthless with us and I admit that I don’t understand why it’s been a long time they let us down. They use these situations to impoverish people, to make them live in places between them and without anything. That’s why I do what I must do, what Jah asks me to do, you know what I mean.

This album and this music is very important for me because it represents everything we live in this world and at the same time I call for unity and this album sends lots of love to all the peoples.

I really do my music in this way because I’m a singer of reggae music and as a Rasta and singer of reggae music we try to bring peoples together, all nations. This is our job, it’s not to be a star, nor to feel exceptional.

We are ourselves, simple, that’s what it’s like to be a real Rastaman.

My album is an album for all peoples, you understand, to tell why we wouldn’t all live together our true life, a life full of hope for humans and humanity.

Are there any singles or standout tracks you would like people to go check out?

They can go listen to all my songs because they are all different, so they can get an idea of ​​the whole album. It’s true that each track is very worked with a discipline and with a very structured musical construction, I advise you “Dance as a Lion”, “Free Child” and then people will get an idea by listening to the tracks.

I hope they will all love and dance while listening.

My job is the unification of people, that people can be happy, that they respect each other and get closer by listening to their hearts and finally love each other. Why should we live alone and unhappy? Who is interested in this purpose?

What instruments did you play on New Moment?

On this album I played all the instruments, I played the bass, the guitars, the keyboards, the percussions, the sound effects. I composed all the drums.

I put a friend in “Dance as a Lion” who plays the guitar, another guy who plays bass that I created. Otherwise, it’s me who plays everything, everything you hear it’s me who created it, composed and played. It was a pleasure to feel the power of Jah through my music, because track after track, I realized that I was stronger every time.

I also did all the background vocals of my album. I can tell you that it’s been a long process of inventing bass, guitars, inventing melodies, writing lyrics. It’s been a hard work but intense in the construction, causing smiles of relief when you know that you get the bass and the other instruments. You know, it’s magical moments. I love composing, inventing new songs all the time, that’s what I love most, inventing tracks and playing them in studios. The mixes are also very important, there are very good engineers in this album: Errol Brown, Daniel Boyle and the magician who has mixed most of my album Mario “Syantis” Lawrence, the only one who helped me as a real brother, my brotha who is in Kingston, Jamaica and we still have a lot of work to do together.

“New Moment”, I love this album that belongs to Jah

What’s been your goal in music?

My only goal is to save humanity, our peoples, I have no personal goal. I come from the ghetto and since I was young I work for Jah. I do my job simply and naturally every day, as a Rasta and singer of international reggae music, as an artist, as a human being. I try to help as I can, you know. My goal is to build schools, hospitals, orphanages, clinics, in many countries where they need them. This is a real goal in my life, I really want to do it, for me it’s very important to do that because why does every human live? You know what I mean. We must help those in need, it’s the work I must do for God

I want to make happy a lot of children and families who no longer believe in this inhuman and sordid world. I want to see smiling children who have not been smiling for a long time, giving food and drink to children who are hungry and thirsty and who are also sometimes alone in this world. All this happens every day. That’s the real purpose of my life, the true life of a Rastaman to bring people together for another future, a world without hatred and violence and that no longer brutalizes our people, it’s better than winning any prize in the world, you know what I mean.

One day, I’d like to gather full of artists, full of sportsmen, actors, well-known and rich people, so that together we can build all that. We will be proud to do a joint job together. we will all give money every year to build a lot of projects around the world, and I hope people like Brad Pitt, Dr. Dre, Georges Clooney, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Jay Z, and I hope a lot of other artists will follow me in this project. I’m sure it will interest them.

What’s your favorite aspect of what you do? Performing, Writing, Creating, Traveling?

What I like most is write and create my songs, then record them in studios all alone with my team that comes to watch and dig, who sees the construction, then the family who come to see me play. I also love doing gigs, but you know for the moment I focus on the release of my album. My business is very expensive and therefore people must be up to it, that’s what I want, to be able to do an international tour. That’s my job, you see. I am trying to build a high-level business, even if it is the case today, because my music is at a high international level.

I like traveling, for now I’m traveling a little but then I know I’ll have to travel all the time, all over the world so I’m getting ready a lot right now, and I’m preparing many things that I’m putting in place. I’m in to talk with many people around the world. The best offer will win

Any last words or thoughts for the readers?

I want to tell them that for me this interview is a pleasure and they can listen to my music on all music platforms, check out my website and my social networks to have all the information.

I send them lots of love, peace and happiness, I hope that everything goes well for them, that they are always positive, and I hope that Jah will give them strength.

Thank You, you truly are a special Artist, very talented, 1 World Mag is honored to put you on our website!

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