Back with Salinas, California’s Sammy T to find out more on who he is. Where he’s going, and especially why he’s doing this. He took time earlier to give 1 World Magazine the first look into his current debut The Diffrence. He now goes over the life behind his next work, Field Of Dreams.

The purpose behind the Field Of Dreams is because in Salinas we’re surrounded by fields. In my personal opinion I never been to another town where there are fields in the middle of your city. So my whole concept behind that is taking where I’ve been from and where I’m at and seeing that go in my direction with my dreams. Being able to grow my dreams in the soil right here in Salinas. That’s why I made this the Field Of Dreams.

You have your own label, tell us more about it please.

My label that I’m pushing is BWT Records, it’s called Blessed With Talent Records. It was actually I was introduced by my boys when I was younger with my rap crew I was involved with as a kid. Like I said some people get into life, and leave their dreams behind, but I kept it solid to me. That’s my band of brotherhood. I’m trying to make it and establish it to where, you have a dream you want to go, you got talent God blessed you with, soon as I get established I want be able to open doors for the next person who I think the World should hear. The next group of people that I think the World should hear. I’m no judge, but I’m just saying. There’s a level to Hip Hop to me that most people need to be at. In current times they kind of blur those lines. BWT Records is coming out quicker than expected.

So what are your plans as a label? How big do you plan on being?

At the moment, I’ve been doing my homework on, like I told you previously I do my homework on everybody’s success. You can learn from everybody’s success and the reason why they’re successful. I don’t have a specific plan, like oh do I want a lot of deals? Do I want a lot of Distribution Deals? I just want to be able to have people rock with the music, is my main thing. The music is the main thing. I agree with you too, we’re not doing this to get paid, eventually yes, but I’m in this cause it’s my passion. This is what I enjoy doing. I love sitting there making a 16 Bar verse outta nothing. Challenging myself. As for a plan, I don’t have one. God’s gonna lead me where God’s gonna lead me. That’s what I’m gonna bank on! To get big to where we’re a household name, hey that’s where we’re gonna be. I’m gonna be fine wherever it’s at. It’s gonna be further than I was today.

I can respect that, and see your reasoning. Studying successful people can surely start you off in the right direction. Execution on all your moves is key. I feel you truly appreciate Hip Hop and see yourself as a serious entity within it.

How far has Hip Hop gone in your opinion?

You got B-Boys in Barcelona. You got Taggers in Russia. You got DJ’s in Nigeria. You know what I mean. You got Rappers in Canada. Hip Hop is all over the place. There’s not a continent or country you can got to on this planet that doesn’t have the influence of Hip Hop.

Great perspective. So now I must know, what do you think the state of Hip Hop is today?

In my personal opinion from what I’ve seen there’s a difference between Hip Hop and Rap. The people I listen to, the people that are still thriving, underground wise, mainstream such as Vinnie Paz, Jedi Mind Tricks kind of people, they’re doing they’re thing. They’re still putting on a forefront for new generations. That’s why I say there’s a difference between Rap and Hip Hop. Rap is what’s on the radio. Rap is what people want to do. Rap is everybody having dyed hair, everybody having ripped jeans and Jordans on. That’s what I see personally. Not taking anything away from them but, everybody is doing the same thing. That’s why I say the state of Hip Hop is great, it’s just being overlooked by Rap. What Rap has done to the Hip Hop community because ask any person of other generations, they’ll say today’s music, this aint Hip Hop. This guy is just rappin. He’s not putting it down for Hip Hop in his own sense. So that’s what I feel that Hip Hop is good, but it could be better.

So true! 1 World Magazine agrees with you. Everyone is looking, sounding and acting the same. Glad to have done this interview with you. We will continue to follow BWT Records and Sammy T all the way to the top!


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