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Rx Lord Volume 2 is another classic Album. You’ve had an incredible few years of nonstop releases. Tell us about Rx Lord Volume 2.

It took me longer than I wanted to put it together. I rushed a little bit at the end of it. I felt like I could have done things better, but I just had to get it out. For the time being. I liked it, but I’m crucial to everything I do. I’m trying to get to my next work now, already.

Your label Pie-Rx Records, it’s growing. Have you signed anyone yet?

I aint signed nobody yet but like I said I’m working Bakery Brad, Dex Lauper, E Bang. I’m working with Frenchie (Brick Squad). Gucci and Waka, they back trying to squash shit between each other, they’re back on speaking terms. It’s a lot of things in the works right now. But I’m just pretty much focusing the Artists that I been fucking with. I aint meeting too many new people. It’s a couple of youngsters on my radar, that if things go right I might be fucking with them soon. But I don’t just jump in hastingly to fuck with Artists.

Speaking of solid collaborations, you had CML on your new one twice, you guys sound really good together, any plans of maybe doing a project together?

Yeah I been doing a lot of music with Lav, we gone be back in the studio soon. We plan on doing a video for them songs too. We just been working, I’m trying to keep up with Lav’s pace. His output is like next level on mine! He sat down for a lil minute, so he had a lot to say coming out that box. It’s fun to see him doing what’s he’s doing. My pace is a lil different, but he be motivating me. Keep it up, I’ma try to get out at least 2-3 projects in the next 6-8 months.

I don’t think that will be hard for you, you almost did that this year (2018). You know that right?

Yeah, I did too. Sometimes it just be that my mind be working faster than I do. You know how that shit go.

I do know how that shit goes. People who smoke a lot of weed, that’s what happens.

(He laughs) You already know. Bro I smoke way too much fucking weed.

Well if the world wasn’t so full of shit, we wouldn’t have to.

Man a nigga got a lace up, a nigga got to medicate.

Absolutely, it’s like my force field.

That’s that Zen, keeping a muthafucka calmed down. Balanced it all together.

Yeah having agreat recording environment is important. You mentioned you’re getting your own Studio?

I’ve did a ton of shit. At Cuddy’s studio, I was over there working for a minute. But I’ve bought a bunch of new equipment. Itt was a lot of work, I got a big ass location, it’s like a compound. It’s like upstairs, downstairs.

Well congratulations I can’t wait to see it. What else you got cooking?

The Clothing Line (Pie-Rx Clothing) it’s been taking a lot of my spare time right now. I helped Cuddy pick some beats for his new project he got coming out. I did a bunch of features for him.

You’ve helped Cuddy out a lot. You’ve actually helped mold him into a Rapper.

Yeah, I did some work over there. I want to see Cuddy doing good. He put a lot of money into the Music shit and I wanted to see him get some return off of that shit, as much as he can. I tried to steer him in the right direction as best I could. I try to cut Cutt’s a break, I aint try to tax him and treat him like somebody. I treat him like family and try to put him on his feet. If things go right, just look out for me right, on the next go round the right way. Keep going till it go right.

Talking about the current Bay Area politics, A-Wax said this:

Well it’s a good thing too, kids don’t want to hear the generation before them’s music. But it’s a way to penetrate that. And there’s a way to stay to it. Every generation holds on to what they think is the best artist, and it’s usually a generational gaps. You don’t find too many people in their late 30’s and 40’s talking bout Lil Pump is their favorite artist. It’s just not the way it works. And vice versa, you don’t find too many 18 year olds that C-Bo is their favorite artist. It just aint going that way. But that’;s not to say you can’t merge the two like E-40 does. There might be an 18 year old where E-40 is his favorite artist before C-Bo because 40 works with the young kids, he’s working with all the poppin’ kids/youth who’s making a buzz for themselves. He throws them a bone, helps them get on. Like how Gucci is for Atlanta. That’s what 40 does out here. He puts people on by getting on songs with them. 40 is doing this and he deserves his credit for it.

I agree, I ‘ve noticed that as well about Earl Stevens. He’s always reached back and brought people up with him. And I’m sure he didn’t even charge these people.

Yeah, don’t get me wrong, he had the Turf Talk’s back in the day too. He had his family. He always had a crew of people he was bringing with him. He aint never been alone in it. Which been his success. 40 always shared his success with his people around him. When he trickled it to the strangers, that’s like what he did with me, when he din’t know me from a can of paint, he threw me that bone when I got out the pen. 40 doing that for Artists, he changing their lives out there. That’s a big, big thang. Unfortunately because of all the conflicts in my career I can’t put people on like 40. It’s too much politics and what not. For the artists who aint scared of the politics and don’t give a fuck, I’m open to working with them, try to do what I can to help them to get my platform and fan base that I’ve built, let them get some of that to theirs. Catapult them up a lil bit. But I know my worth too. So aint nobody gone trick me out of my shit.

One thing I always tell everyone about your music is that you are an incredible song writer. You always paint a clear picture with your artwork. How did this happen?

I started writing in prison. I started with poetry before anything. I always been on that. I used to write a lot of letter when I was in prison, read a lot.

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