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Hip Hop is growing still to this day. 1 World loves authenticity, no matter how Gangsta or how nerdy. I support everyone rocking the mic with true intentions. No matter how old, how young, or inexperienced they are. Woman, man, no difference. I really appreciate those with careers under their belt. So I have an opportunity to speak with legendary “Ska-Face” Al Kapone, I took it. What was the last project you put out?

Last thing I put out was Sinista Funk Resurection I put it out through Spinrilla and I put that out to let muthafuckas know I still am making music.

Check out his new single “Killenem With My Old Flow” on Youtube and other Digital Outlets. It’s crazy, I’ve known you since Sick Wit It Records in the late 90’s early 2000’s. What are you doing now?

Right now, making music. Just enjoying the creative part of making music. Have a ball with it. Still doing shows definitely in the city of Memphis. I still get a lot of love from “getting booked live” my live shows aint the typical live show. I got a fan base still that likes to come down and see my performances. We just came off of the “Take Me To The River Tour” it’s a documentary that you can check out on Netflix. The documentary is about the older soul/ a blues Artist collaborating with a lot of the Rappers. The Soul and Blues Artists from Memphis collaborating with a lot of the Rappers from Memphis. I did a collaboration. Yo Gotti did a collaboration with a Blues Artist. Frayser Boy did a collaboration. So this is what the whole documentary is about. We end up doing a 60 city tour basically around the whole United States.

With 12-15 projects under his belt, Al Kapone knows how to make money in the Music Game.

From the age of physicals, releasing stuff as an independent Artist through distributors and going to stores with them, stuff like that. I can say that literally from 1991 all the way up to 2011 when I decided to take a break from Music. But from 1991-2011 I literally took care of me and my Family off strictly being an independent Artist. It wasn’t stupid numbers, but it was enough to where I could literally take care of my Family and not have to work.

So what is it that you are preparing for. I anticipate something big coming?

I do have a plan. The biggest thing is setting myself up to reinventwhat I need to do in this day in time. We’re in a different day and time when it comes to music, Hip Hop in general. It’s reconnecting with the new era  of being an independent Artist. Not only just being an independent Artist but being an independent OG. In this day in time. So right now my whole focus is reconnecting. I’ve been doing my research, I don’t have a lot of concrete stuff yet but I’m doing my research on the different ways as an OG Artist to still play in this Game of Hip Hop. My thing is I don’t want to be an OG Artist trying to sound like a teenage Artist. I want to embrace my OG-ness but still be able to do it in a way that I show that Hip Hop still lives in me till the day I die. I love Hop Hop period. So my age is not gonna stop my love for Hip Hop. I just got to be able to apply it in a way where it makes sense with this new World.

Do you have your own label? Or are you signed to something?

Ah yeah, nah nah nah. I always had my own label Alcatraz Productions is what I always released myself under. From day one all the way up to nowI did it with my own independent situation. Of course the way things are set up now you don’t even have to have a label. As long as you can get your stuff on them platforms like iTunes through stuff like Tunecore or DistroKid or whatever. It’s on all Digital Platforms as far as music goes, Streaming goes. Of course you can do your own YouTube, you can do all your other stuff yourself. It’s still the sameindependent “Live” thing. It’s a Digital Independent Hustle. Independent Artists like myself  that’s from the 1990’s and 2000’s we just have to apply that same independent then to the Digital world.

Any last words you want to say?

I’m still true to the roots of where I came from.  I definetley want you all to check my next tape out. Got to, that’s my website look for the link so you can go check out the mixtape. I got merch up there, for people who don’t know my association with “Hustle & Flow” it has stuff up there about that. Yes go there it will kind of bring you up to speed a little bit on where I am. It will remind people of the stuff that I have done.

I’m definetely gonna check it out. I always thought Al Kapone was dope, surely a top tier Artist on the independent side of the field. If you get a chance to catch him live, do that. I know I am ASAP. Until then check out his latest single he’s featured on M.E.M.P.H.I.S. by Lil Wyte featuring Al Kapone & Ashton Riker. Look for it in the back of this issue. #1Love #1World

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