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The Ricky Smiley Morning Show, for those of us who are not familiar with it, tell us what is it? 

For the West Coast who doesn’t get to hear the show, cause we’re primarily aired out on the East and SouthWest. The Ricky Smiley Morning Show is an ensemble Radio show. It’s lead by Ricky Smiley, the comedian from BET’s Comic View, he’s put out a lot of Prank Phone Call CD’s and he continues to tour the comedy circuit. Then you got myself Headkrack, I cover a lot of the Hip Hop culture stuff. I’m like a utility player on the show. I can do anything. I can talk politics, if need be. I can be the voice of reason if need be. I can be the shooter from the grassy knoll if need be. So whatever position I need to play I’m there but my primary lane is keeping my thumb on the pulse of the culture and letting people know not just about what is playing on the radio but about the stuff that’s subterranean as well. The J. Coles before they become J. Cole. The Earth Gang’s before they blow up. The JID’s of the world. The Fontay’s you know all that stuff before it becomes a household name. I try to make sure people are up on it before it becomes a thing. Cause a lot of that stuff get’s overlooked by the mainstreams. Also you got Da Brat, who’s the first female Artist to go Platinum. Me and her do this freestyle thing every Friday that people seem to love called The Slow N Go. Then you got Slang n Gia who does the Celebrity gossip, you got my man Raw G on Sports and we got Lil juicy who answers the phone sometimes, but mostly she backs us up like a little mascot. If you have the Ricky Smiley App or the TuneIn App you can listen to the show live.

How long have you been a part of that?

I’ve been part of the show since 2005. First I was doing the Night Show with 2 friends of mine, Kino* and Super K*. We were doing the Night Show, we just reached a point to where we’re like hey, we’re number one, what else can we do? So they took me from the Night Show and paired me with Ricky and built the Morning Show, started rolling from there. It’s been a journey to say the least.

Mad respect to your perspective to what and why you do it. That’s dope.  A lot of times people throw around the term “I do this for the culture” they throw that around, but I literally do this for the culture. If I was in any other format Radio other than Talk I don’t think I would love it as much as I do. I come into from the standpoint, I would always call in and request songs that would never get played. (Met too so was I) Yo, can you play Redman, Tonight’s The Night, sure kid. Then you sit there wait for it, it never happens. Yo can I hear that new one from The People Under The Stairs, yeah we got that coming right up, and it never happens. So if nothing else, we had more power when we doing nights. I could actually sneak that stuff in, and they encouraged it. But Radio is so corporate now that you running on these really tight playlists. You can only do so much. So I try to at least crack the window open, even if it’s a snippet of something I think you should know about, it’s better than the nothing you would have got if I didn’t say anything about it.

I take pride in it. Sometimes people pass things my way and they be like aye I’ll give you a couple of bucks if you say something, but NO, you can’t buy my opinion. People respect my word and my opinion on things. So if I get to a point where you can just buy me off, then all of a sudden I’m paid for. A member of Congress or something. So I like to keep it pure and really just shoot from the heart when I talk about things I genuinely like. There’s been times I been pulled aside, I gave a movie a bad review, but they were advertising with the station, and it’s like Yo the movie sucked, I mean, what do you want me to say? I can’t tell people to go see the movie, because I saw the

movie, and I know it’s not worth seeing. So it’s a fine line that I have to tread sometimes but at the end of the day in my Heart of Hearts I’m keeping it 100!

So what’s next for Headkrack?

Really put more energy into my Artistry. The gift and the curse is A) you got this pkatform to talk about the culture and also push your stuff if you choose to. But you can only do that so much so as much as being on the Radio everyday helped me, it also overshadows some of the other things that I’m really passionate about. Creating music, touring and the whole 9. So starting in the middle of the year me and my team got together and we really just started putting a lot more energy into putting together a cohesive body of work that we’re gonna be releasing real soon for the people to hear. And really push that.

You are speaking on the Bodega Brovas? There’s a few You are speaking on the Bodega Brovas?

There’s a few different hats I wear. There’s the under the Headkrack umbrella calls me as a Radio Personality, it also calls me as a Media Entertainment Correspondant with the TV Show Dish Nation that I’m onThen there’s the solo Artist and the group I’m in called the Bodega Brovas. Which is comprised by one of the guys I did the Night Show with in Dallas Kino* and this other guy named Trav I and our DJ, DJ Techneics. It came from, I got booked to do some shows overseas a few years back. I wanted my crew to come with me, but I didn’t want them to come with me and just do 1 song. So we started working on a couple records. Because we are so close, the records kind of wrote themselves, next thing you knew we were staring down the barrel of 8 songs, easy! You we got to call our crew something, We came up with the Bodega Brovas cause musically and lyrically we cater to evrything that a Bodega would. You can go to aa Bodega and get anything.

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