A new name to the “Indie” Stry but silently perfecting his craft since his entrance in 2009.

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He was born and raised on the West side of Chicago. DiAmante’ took to music at a very early age. Having the ability to dance and sing before fully walking and talking.

Before deciding to fully pursue a music solo career DiAmante’ attempted to sing with a 4 member group during High School and started writing when he was 14 years old. A very unique and skillful performer, DiAmante’ has a diverse musical background, his artistry has what many describe as a dark and vibrant feel. Being influenced by some of the greats in the Industry like Dawn Richards, James Blake, FKA Twigs and Janelle Monae. “I consider myself an Alternative R&B Artist. The music I make currently is R&B. I consider this a new wave, or a new vibe, but still keeping it traditional. Giving you kind of a 90’s feel. Overall an innovative individual,” said DiAmante’.

What have you done so far that we need to go check out?

“Starting off just being able to do this already is a major accomplishment. I’ve definitely proven that that things I do I will continue doing it. Audiences are much drawn to what it is I’m doing. I’m very proud of that. My initial single Company has done extremely well, internationally. It’s also doing very well in California. We just released SCNT, that’s doing really well also. People are starting to notice that this is not something just for fun, it’s something I really want to do for the rest of my life. This is just a little of what I’ve accomplished”.

What are you working on? Preparing for?

“Currently we are preparing for the next video. So we will be releasing the next video for my next single “I’m Set”. I’m also looking to release my first EP, I’ve done all the writing, we are still working on production. We’re just making sure the vibe is an overall collective, making sure that we got the sounds that I want and needed to be in order to continue our path of success. Check out DiAmante’ on the LockE Recordings compilation EP. Look for his singles “Company” and “SCNT”.

What made you want to do music?

Growing up I had an Uncle who was a musician and I found out when I was like 5, 6 years old that he had been doing really big things. Actually ended up finding out watching “Next Friday”, one day with one of my Uncles, he ended up telling me “You know your Uncle produced this song, or he was helping and working with a lot of major Artists back in the day.” That’s when I basically realized, like dang this was something I always wanted to do but I just really never knew the techniques, I didn’t know how to break in. Not really thinking about I just knew I wanted to do it. So that’s when I got my start doing talent shows, sing for a lot of people, danced for a lot of people. Whether it was in School or I was at a musical play or if I did a talent show here and there I was always some sort of involved when it came to Arts & Entertainment. In college I danced, I modeled, but I never stopped working on my music. I never stopped learning.

What do you think has happened to the R&B World? The R&B Music is not what it used to be back in the late 80’s into the 90’s and early 2000’s?

I think everyone wants to be innovative, everyone wants to have their own wave of R&B. And that’s fair, because nobody really wants to fall in the same lane. Everybody really wants to be different. So when you really listen to music from back in the day like, everyone was in the same lane, but you could tell they were on different, they were in different vehicles. Which is what I feel people are trying to do now, but a lot of Artists and Producers and the label they’re with even have a major influence on the sound that they’re creating and what they’re actually putting out. So a lot of times the sound may be a little too context. And it’s not really in the realm, some people don’t consider it to be a complete form of R&B. Like I said which is very innovative because you got the talent to stand out, you want to stand out, so you don’t want to sound like everybody else. But still keep it “yourself” because that’s what you claim to be.

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