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LOCKSMITH has been relentless when it comes to being the Bay Area’s Hardest working Emcee. I’m sure it’s not his goal but I see him filling this void. A true “Independent” Artist, his craft is at a point of perfection. His stage show is supurb, he’s simply reached a stage most emcee’s wish they could…

Hopefully you grow as an Artist. I’ve learned to enjoy the journey. Enjoying the journey is showing your art, your music. I loveHip Hop, I love music. I love expressing myself in this genre and I love just pushing myself and seeing what I can do and what I can’t do. How I can get better. How I can grow, as a songwriter and as an emcee. As a performer too. It’s just the journey and documenting the journey as a human as an Artist.

You’ve had an incredible journey, you have to been offered many opportunities but you’ve maintained independent.

It’s like the right situation. I’ve been in situations where, you’re taking steps, sometimes you have to take a step back to take two steps forward. I just personally love being independent, being able to move how I want to move. Drive in whatever direction I want to drive in and allow myself theat time to grow. I’m in no hurry. I still enjoy creating and making music and creating rhymes and doing whatever I want to do and not having to wait. Cause sometimes when you get into certain situations, there’s so much red tape you have to go through, but when you’re controlling yourself, it’s a lot more work. I feel I don’t want to go to that step, until I feel comfortable with it, that I may never feel comfortable, if the right situation ever comes along. But right now I’m just having so much fun. I can go shoot a music video right now. I can go on Instagram and be like Yo I’m in San Francisco right now. Fans-I’m coming to somebody’s house, you can video tape it right there and put it out tomorrow. Without anybody telling me…or signing any papers. Freedom, I love it.

The title of the Album, Ali. Most people think of Muhammed Ali, but that’s your name right?

That’s what my family calls me, because that’s what I grew up as. On this album I wanted to talk about, cause I’m Iranian and Black. My Father is from Iran, my Mother is African American. But I grew up culturely as an African American. I grew up in the Bay, in Richmond. All my siblings and all my homies are Black, because that’s what I grew up around. I wanted to make songs about what it was like being half Black, half Persian. Growing up both of these cultures, how they tie together from a social standpoint, from a political standpoint, like all these different things. What was that like, I tried to articulate that, in the art, in the songs. Like Yo this is me! I’m a product of this situation.

Go to YouTube and check out Clouds, Prison, Rederik and his latest Stars with Strange Music’s Murs. Locksmith has managed to continously Tour promoting each of his releases in the numerous stops along the way. Starting April 4, he and Murs are touring over 40 cities across the United States. If you happen to belong to his email list you receive #BehindTheScenes footage, and most times get his Music Videos first. 

“I’m gonna always try and grow. Make better music. Make better art.” – LOCKSMITH



The Emcee known as Locksmith dropped another flawless Album titled Ali. First track Bloodline, lock goes over what makes up who he is. I really appreciate Locksmith’s approach to rap. He follows no trends, no sounds, he’s created his own wave. Gimmie A Sec is a nice track with some crafty word play. On Ghost, Jarren Benton drops a hot verse all-though Lock drops a couple harder ones. Locksmith not only can rhyme like no other, his content is just as superior. Listen and watch Prison, it’s a real deep song where Lock simply tells you what it is! “Everything is a prison”. Selfish has a very true message, everyone will feel this one. Tense is a serious song, Lock is just as good expressing his feelings as he is boasting on the mic. Murs teams up with Lock on Stars, excellent song! Locksmith is guilty of verbal abuse on Rederik. Watch Clouds on YouTube, it’s a classic Locksmith track, very impressive, great beat by Kato On The Track. The hardest track on this one is The Emporer’s Clothes w/ Vinnie Paz, what an incredible tag team, wow! All you fans of Boom Bap you’ll appreciate No Lies. Niggas want sleep on me, fuck it I embrace it, On God! Hip Hop was born out of feelings, poverty, struggle, and you can hear all these things in Locksmith’s music. He’s truly a role model in Hip Hop whether you want to realize it or not. Shout out to producers: Mike TopNotch, Decap, Kuya, Apathy, Gryefunk & Mike Blankenship. It’s hard to find anything wrong with this record. Locksmith is as good as your favorite Emcee, bet!

IG: @DaLocksmith

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