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Mac Miller’s music career is one of gradual success. Coming into the Game young and striking attention immediately, MM continued to gain fans and stardom all the way til the end. He had signed a deal with Warner Bros and tragically passed away under doubtful circumstances. Here’s what he said about the creative process on this career breaking album.

“I went on a journey with it, like any record. It took a long time for me to even figure out what it was. This time it took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to say, what kind of music I wanted to make. It was just a lot of experimenting. You get tied up and like I need this song for this audience, I need to touch this demographic and you lose sight of  

the fact you’re making an album. What I’m always trying to do is start at the beginning and have you want to listen all the way through.”

Well I think he accomplished that with this last record. Mac Miller just ended a 2 year relationship just prior to releasing this record, he said this about dropping off the Social Media Radar.

“I used to wake up in the morning, you wake up and I reach for my phone, me I can find any story  I want about myself. I look through my phone, scroll through Twitter and Instagram and get my ego stroked and destroyed in 5 minutes every morning. That’s how I started my day.”

It seems that Mac Miller too was riding an emotional roller coaster at the time of his death. Is this another talented Artist gone too early or another Industry sacrifice for one’s power and position? Either way this album was damn near flawless in this critics eye. #RIPMac



Mac Miller dropped an amazing album Swimming just before he passed. Come Back To Earth, Hurt Feelings, What’s The Use? Are all-star performances with 3 different sounds. MM was very talented and very soulful. Perfecto is another smooth song you will appreciate. With pieces of Trap, Mumble and Rap, Mac Miller provides Self Care. Wings will make you appreciate his many styles. Like much mainstream music, lyrically you get what MM is saying, most of the time. Ladders is another good song. MM can even sing a little. Small Worlds is another memorable track. I totally see why he had a huge following. Dunno is another toe tapper. He’s either a great student or had an excellent teacher. On Jet Fuel MM is letting you know he aint the one, he got bars on this one for sure. 2009 is a great throwback track, again a masterpiece from the music to the rhymes, this is a full production. His voice and accent only separate MM from the rest. So It Goes is clever. I was surely surprised at how good this Record is.

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