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Most of the readers should know who Ice Cube is. One of the founders of Gangster Rap. Original member of N.W.A. Actor, Director and Executive Producer of Films. You being a very, very busy man. When and how do you come up with the idea including the title of your next album? 

Usually I just start working on music with vibes and concepts, just kind of start the record and hopefully the name will come out of that. The name of the record, after I start and get a rhythm and then I want to name the album. So when I finish the record, I can complete it under that umbrella. Cause I like concept albums. So no different with this. I’m always recording, it’s still my hobby, it’s still fun, and I still do it when I’m bored and I aint got nothing to do. I like to go to the studio and do music and create. So I’m always in there. So when I named the title “Everythang’s Corrupt”it felt like oh yeah this explains the time, the album, the flavor of the moment. And so I’m very particular on those titles so I was happy I came up with that one.

You’ve always been revolutionary so to speak. We are now in a time when we are being censored on many platforms for our speech. You get political on Arrest The President, you speak your mind on the main stage. What drives you to continue to speak up and stand up?

I think that’s what it’s all about. You can’t be a safe Rapper. You got to tell it like it is, my records, nobody’s exempt. Nobody gets a free pass on my records. I’m probably gonna talk about something you doing and you probably aint gonna like how I put it. But it’s gone be real and it’s not gonna be done to do nothing but help you pass that moment, help you through it. Or just highlight that you fuckin’ up. I’ve always kind of been like that, I been able to cut past the bullshit and just really be real and just do those kind of records. Cause those are the kind of records that turned me on. So I’m blessed in a way that I’m not doing things that’s outside my nature. Some Artists feel like they have to chase charts, spins, or views or whatever. I feel like a free Artist, I don’t have to chase nothing. As an Artist I’ve been blessed to do just do what I feel and not be a numbers chaser or a chart chaser. At the end of the day people respect that. People respect that I’m a do the records that I feel not the one’s I think I should do. When you stick with your convictions and your consistent, people bless you with longevity. That;s what’s happening.

Many critics think your music career is over, some think you gone swith up like many others from your era. Some think it would be a gamble to work with you.  

I made a promise that I’m a always be myself. Not like I’m a walk in all Gangster and make people do shit, but I’m a be myself in all situations. And I don’t care what it costs. That Fear is not living, that fear is playing it safe and that aint life.

Well 1 World Magazine has always followed your work. We love your music and will continue to support your movement.



In today’s times we really needed a voice  to bring the Hip Hop community another perspective of the World. Who better than Ice Cube to deliver the messages the people need to hear. This new album Everythangs Corrupt is a huge step in the  balance of Hip Hop. Arrest The President got the attention of many in the Hip Hop media mainstream. Ice Cube absolutely demands respect, just listen to Chase Down The Bully & Don’t Bring Me No Bag, Can You Dig It? or Non Believers. Addressing subjects that truly affect our own lives, On Them Pills, where he raps about pill addiction. Or Fire Water, where he addresses the poisons in our  food and water. Ice Cube said “I’m a die of the good life”. If you’re reading this you gotta listen  to Streets Shed Tears and Ain’t Got No Haters featuring Too $hort. Many appre-ciate That New Funkadelic. It’s exactly  what you think it is, it will get you  on the dance floor whether you’re 5 years old or 50. You can hear Still In The Kitchen being played on The 1 World Show, along with numerous others. The title track Every-thangs Corrupt is an eye opener. Gotta mention Good Cop, Bad Cop. Though free speach exists, it’s your comprehension that validates it.

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