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Left to Right: Precyce Politix & Grammy Nominated Producer D.R.U.G.S. Beats

“We were actually just a couple of knuckleheads in Brooklyn, New York just freestyling in the hallway, just rappin’. I had another name but it was horendous before this name. And I said that name and then I said “running for President, nothing but precise politics” and my friend who’s a DJ now, he was like dude, that should be your name. So I just kept freestyling with the fellas,” said Precyce Politix.

What does your catalog look like so far?

This is my 4th album. Well I got 3 LP’s and 1 EP. T “DRUG-POLITIX” his album Drug-Politix I did with Grammy Nominated Producer D.R.U.G.S. Beats. We linked up here in North Carolina. He did some other work on some of my other projects before. We just decided to go ahead and do a project together. Which is awesome for me because he’s Grammy Nominated with Dr. Dre on the Compton Album. He’s worked with artists like Royce Da 5’9”, Kendrick Lamar, and others. The fact that he wanted to work with me, somebody that’s on the come up, that was just awesome. He really believes in what I can do. He always told me, man you got a great pen. You got a great delivery, a great voice, keep it up. Then one day after I heard his stuff on ComptonI reached out to him and said “hey man, congratulations, that’s awesome, you’re doing your thing out here, God bless you man,” he said “Look, when are we do an album?” So I’m like, really? Ok when do you want to? Then we hashed out the business outside of it and we just hit the studio. My other CD’s are The Last Son Of Brooklyn, Precyce Politix & K-Hill Are: Stallone & Weathers, that’s the EP. My very first album was called Kryptonian Thought Patterns.

Speaking of the old and new, what is your sound. I’ve read your compliments and who they come from, but how would you describe your sound?

Of course the core is BoomBap. The term “East Coast” sound gets thrown around a lot with Producers that want to work with me. It’s a 90’s feel with a new touch on things. My influences play a big part of it. I’m heavily influenced by Raekwon The Chef form Wu-Tang Clan and Prodigy of Mobb Deep. And Big L, may he Rest In Peace to both of them. Big influences by those 3. With a little touch of Pharaoh Monch. My Top 5 are different than anybody elses. Especially from New York. So my influences play a big part but I still put myself into it so as far as how I sound I guess you could say East Coast, Boom Bap with a little touch of wierdness. Sprinkle a little Nerd on top, you got Precyce Politix.

Your Publicist hooked this interview up. Please thank him for me. How’s the response been for the album?

We’ve gotten a tremendous repsonse. I didn’t even think we were gonna get this much of a response. I got to thank my Publicist, he goes by Dub Promotions. He’s awesome. He really goes hard for what he believes in. D.R.U.G.S. Beats a very well known name, Pete Rock was just conversating about him on Twitter. It was a good hook up for me and him.

Any videos or singles for the Album?

We shot a video for “To The Giants”that video is out now on YouTube. Looking to get it on Vevo. It’s such a fun single. This video is actually a tribute to the Rock band Slipknot. They had a video called “Dualality” where they were jumping around with the masks on and they were destroying this house and having fun. It’s pretty much what this is but the Hip Hop version. We’re in a dilapidated trailer. We’re just jumping around and having fun. Rocking out to the song. I actually have a Slipknot shirt on in there with a black hoodie and I actually have a mask on as well and a microphone. Everybody is going crazy, I got people of all races in there. It’s a really fun video, but it makes you want to break some-thing. That’s the energy that the single has.

Now we meet D.R.U.G.S. Beats. His work is known in some huge circles. Tell us what was your first hit?

I don’t think I’ve had any hits yet. I wish. It all came in like a flurry. It’s like a bunch of things happened at once. When I hooked up with G-Unit, I did some things for Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo. Then I ended up doing a song with 50 Cent which was “I Just Wanna”, but at the same time that happened I had done a song for Ludacris called “Can You Buy That?” So when both of those placements happened at the same time, that’s what opened up the doors for me. 

So this new Record, is this the first time you’ve collaborated with an Artist solely? Or you do this all the time?

I wouldn’t really say it’s something I do all the time. For the most part I was just working for Street Corner Music which is the Brother House Shoes. Dre, I did a lot of work for Dr. Dre as well. I basically produced like Beat Tapes, Production Albums for Street Corner Music. But I have done a couple of albums with my friends, especially my group Illpo. Which is one of the dopest Underground Hip Hop groups out there. With that we just got Album Of The Month on That was a huge thing for us as well.

How did you hook up with Precyce Politix?

We’re both in North Carolina. And we both basically hang

around the same camp. That’s how we were introduced to each other. We’re all just mutual friends.

D.R.U.G.S. explained in detail when and what they worked on first. Precyce briefly mentioned it.  “We always respected each other’s art,” said D.R.U.G.S. Beats.

Tell me about the energy behind this project you guys worked on together, what does it mean to you?

To me

I call it a Magnum Opus. To me that’s what that is. The content, the music behind it, it just fit like a hand and glove. Especially with him being a master Emcee himself. He doesn’t just “rappity rap”. His content, he defines what he’s saying. With every song, every song meant something. Basically the overall Album is a story. It’s a story and a concept that he came up with. It’s basically the story of falling off into the Dope Game. Realizing you lost everything that was important to you chasing just a few dollars. I think some cats actually go through that in life. I think this music should mean something to a lot of people.

What’s next for you? What do you have planned for 2019?

More dope material. More dope material. I’m definitely launching my record label Omni Music Corporation. That’s a whole ‘nother story in itself. Stay tuned to everything Aftermath is dropping, you gonna see my name in those credits. I’m gonna be constantly dropping dope music. All you got to do is google me, everything will come up. Support dope Hip Hop. Look out for House Shoes, he used to work with J Dilla back in the day, he has his record label Street Corner Music dropping dope albums on that label constantly. It’s definitely headquarters right there.  

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