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01/23/98 – 06/18/18
R E S T   I N   P E A C E

It seems XXXtentacion was very mentally disturbed when he was alive. He mentions his past friends and life choosing material things and situations over him. Even with success he seemed very disturbed as if he was under MK Ultra Mind Control or simply Frequency harrassed to keep him in a dark, low vibration. Was this a way to have control over the mass youth audience and simply to have them join XXX in these emotions and low vibes?

“I hate thinking about the things that I don’t want to remember. Currently I’m in a huge state of paranoia. Due to my past and just the things and the people I’ve associated myself with previously. So I’m trying my best to escape that room of mind and that room of thought in order to evolve into not only a teacher but just someone to motivate the youth and to push the youth in a positive direction. To be able to not ideally likecontrol, but to just manifest that type of energy. I want to have more power in the aspect of trying to… I know what the kids want, what we all desire. I understand things and I feel like that’s why I’ve been placed in such an important position because I understand things and I just understand how people feel and the aspect of I know how it feels to be alone. I know how it feels to be around people and feeling them, like I be around a million people and I’ll still feel alone.”

I’m sure many people feel the way XXX did. Question is who were the people he was with that he wants to forget about? 

“I’ve been placed in situations that have been very heart breaking as far as people period. The only people that kind of suffice for me is the support always from you guys. My people, you guys are my people. I feel very attached to, I don’t want to call it a family because I fucking hate that. I’d like to call it a cult.”

XXXtentacion comes off very contradicting, just as many of the mainstream faces and personalities of the past (2Pac) and present (too many to list). There’s no doubt that Hip Hop is controlled just like Pro Sports, Hollywood, and all Powerful structures of influence. Is his music good, yes. He painted some great pictures (songs) and changed many lives even if for only a short period of time. His last 2 Albums are reviewed here in History. I’m not quite sure he’s truly dead, many celebrities fake their death nowadays to escape their realities. #RIPXXX



XXXTentacion accomplished in just a few years what many took 15 years to accomplish. ? is a very good record. XXXTentacion truly knew how to work his voice and emotions directly insync into his music. Alone Part 3 is mind opener. Moonlight is a very dope track. SAD! will get into your feelings. The Remedy For A Broken Heart is a hot lyrical ballad. Infinity w/ Joey Bada$$ is one of the best on here, great Hip Hop vibe. Pain = Bestfriend w/ Travis Barker is an incredible collabo. Alternative Hip Hop has it’s place, listen to Smash! w/ PnB Rock. $$$ w/ Matt Ox is interesting. I Don’t Even Speak Spanish is a hit. Changes, Hope, Before I Close My Eyes & Schizophrenia all have value. Original, creative, mindful this album will forever be mentioned.



Skins released after his death. More of a bits and pieces than a full length studio album like ?, Skins did deliver on the amazing mind and skill XXX possessed. Train Food got some mad emotion in it. Whoa (Mind In Awe) is an awe inspiring track with a simple chant and beat. I would love to hear a Remix with someone or two dropping a 16 or 2 sets of 4 bars each. Bad! Is a dope ass 1 verse track. Staring At The Sky and One Minute w/ Kanye West are both hardcore metal/rap mixes showing again the boundaries of XXX’s music. On I Don’t Let Go is a real nice song. What Are You So Afraid Of is a great closer. XXX sang this one masterfully. It’s clear XXX’s life and music is full of mystery, tell us what you think about it. Go to for more music reviews.

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