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Bay Area’s Berner has been busier than ever. His brand “Cookies” has gone global. His dispensary’s are growing and multiplying. He continues to bring out quality starins and products. He’s now dropping projects/albums every 4 months or so. This particular opinion and conversation is about “Rico” one of his latest albums.

Your sound is historic, who did you go with for production on this one?

I stuck with in house producers. Cozmo did a good amount of the production. I’ve been working with him since the beginning, Traxx FDR, Scott Storch, DJ Paul did a good amount of the production too. I tried to cover my core fan base, which is a real sample dope boy music. Music that real drug dealers can relate to. Not that over glorified fake Trap Shit. It’s like the pains and the stories that go along with really doing shit. It’s a dark dirty grey lifestyle. I try to appeal to that. I got some bigger records, the songs with Kevin Gates and Ty Dolla $ign is amazing. There’s bigger records, there’s mello records. There’s 24 songs of dope.

Every Berner album I have ever heard has raised the bar for Bay Area Music. In my opinion Berner’s music is far superior to most Bay Area Rappers and Rappers period. His concepts, beat selection and treal life rhymes, got Berner in a class of his own. Signing with Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang only magnified what Berner has been doing, collabing with the Rap World’s Best and most talented.

How bout a lil weed news?

New strain….“Cereal Milk” It’s like an ice cold bowl of milk after you eat that bowl of Frosted Flakes or Trix cereal, or Cocoa Puffs. It’s strong ass fuck, it’s a hybrid, it’s both Indica and Sativa. It’s the High Life so it’s Cookies and Cherry Pie times Snowman which is Cookies and OG. So it’s fucking incredible.

Not too long after releasing “Rico” Berner dropped another album called “11/11”. With now 31 Albums/ Projects released independently, Berner says,  I’m so blessed. 11 years in this, I’m not trying to go nowhere. What I learned in life, what got me further is how to work with people. How to conversate. How to addapt to different situations. You put me in the room with a 70 year old man that I have never met I’ll be able to hold a conversation. You put me in a room with a young cat in the streets I will be able to carry a conversation. You put me in a room with a Republican (a Trump supporter) I will figure out a way to carry a conversation with them.

Any last words for our readers?

Your network is your networth. Look out for me and Wiz Khalifa, we got a full album done. It’s called “From Seed To Sale”.

I congratulate Berner on all his success. He’s truly come a long way. I, Mr Ceza supported him since he first began dropping projects when I was working with Xplosive Magazine and people used to make fun of Berner online. Now all the haters have moved on, Berner is now as big as Cheech & Chong in American Weed culture.



They say that every single man is created equal… The first track Rico is a mind opener. Berner is really talking bout the Dope Game! Walk In My Shoes with Kokane on the hook is serious. Light Show w/ Kevin Gates is a hit. Every song is a treat, In Pocket w/ Wiz Khalifa, Yhung T.O. & Chevy Woods is a banger! You will learn some-thing listening to this record. Singin’, Jordan Box both contain some of that real spit. Gon’ Do w/ Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is a monumental collabo, everyone on this one came with heat. Godzilla w/ Young Buck & Philthy Rich is official. Speaking of Godzilla, In The Way is a huge Trap song w/ Krayzie Bone, Bizzy Bone & DJ Paul. Dope Boy stars Cam’Ron & Jim Jones while Choose Up stars DJ Quik & Ty Dolla $ign and Driveway stars The Jacka & DNyce. Berner gets real explicit on Fuck Faces. Lovin’ It is a dope beat remake, Berner shines on this one! The streets are talking about Tycoonin’ w/ Rich The Factor, Ampichino & Steve Yancey. Wiz, Bern, & Styles P take it to the next level on Miss Me. What It Sound Like w/ B-Real, Lies (Mentiras) w/ Troop Nastyy are hot. Great variety of vibes on this one.


Out of nowhere Berner dropped another release, 11/11. Crazy production, wild collabos, Berner continues to shine like no other. Berner & Wiz Khalifa start it off with Feelin. Chevy Woods dropped some real bars along with Berner on Granted. I don’t wish to walk in Berner’s shoes, his life seems risky, stressful and full of things the average Joe knows nothing about. Just listen to Scars, great lyrics Berner. Drown is another solo track where Berner tells the tale of just another day going through life’s situations in that Trap Life. Huge track, 500 Sold w/ Twista talking bout how the Pussy went Gold. No matter the subject, Berner makes everything sound good! Thanks to Cozmo, who produced this entire Album. Brrrr w/ Wiz Khalifa is a nice laid back track. I’m really feeling Troublesome, another solo track where Berner simply rhymes some true shit, he even flips his delivery. Grind w/ Smiggz is a nice R&B song, Berner continues to amaze me with his creations. Wiz jumps on Pack, both go with the lazy flow, overall this one was just cool. Wow! Berner says some personal things on Stuck. These solo songs are really sticking out to me. Last B-Real drops a hot verse on Nada. Another dope Record!

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