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First off congratulations on one of 2018’s best albums, Chaly & The Filth Factory. The theme and execution of your theme was an A+!  A lot of my favorite albums are like that, like Redman “Malpractice” or Sticky Fingaz “Black Trash – The Autobiography of Kirk Jones” that shit is like one of my favorite albums. I’ve always wanted to do an album like this.

Well you knocked it out the park, let me tell you. This shit was perfect. Who helped you perfect your theme to the degree you did?

Most of it is just me, but I know when I wrote the script for the skits which was writing the story out. I know when I was writing the story out Cell from the Inf Gang we hang out a lot. I get a lot of inspiration from my friends. Just chilling with my friends. Laughing and joking about shit. We sat there and vibed like we usually do, everyday smoking, laughing, and joking  and we just…I pretty much had the basis of everything in my head. We spoke it out  and I was writing it all down. Like my nigga Cell naming the boat the Rusty Steam Pot. My nigga Cell really helped me out. A lot of my inspiration comes from my homies.

Speaking of the Inf Gang, what are your plans with the group? Cause they keep showing up in all your work. I know you guys were a group before you signed to Majik Ninja Ent. What’s the next step for Inf Gang?

Pretty much everyone is pretty much working on music. My homie Kevin Maclane just dropped a mixtape. Crowda put out some singles and he got some tracks n’ shit. Everybody be dropping their own shit. My nigga Nobe just shot X-Raided’s first music video since he got out. That was pretty big, I’m happy for him. The whole Inf Gang is always moving. A lot of people don’t understand this but when Inf Gang first started we were just a bunch of solo artists. We really don’t have too much work

together. We don’t have too much group shit together. But we do have a lot of music that we made before I got signed. That shit just switched up a lot of the dynamics of what was going on. We have hella Inf Gang music that’s unreleased. Eventually we want to hit you with some Ing Gang music. I think everybody just be so busy doing their own shit.

I was very excited to see Vinnie Paz on your Album. I honestly didn’t expect that at all. Hip Hop needs coolabs like this. First of all how and second, why?

I just had that beat. I was writing my shit to that beat and that beat was inspired by a Vinnie Paz song. So while I was writing it, I was like I should text Vinnie see if he’d be down or whatever. So I hit him about it, that nigga hit me back like Yo that fucking beat is dope as fuck! He’s like I got you. It’s kind of like the relationship I got with him. I just went out on a mini tour with him. He was on his full run, I just did the California dates with him. He’s like you my little Bro, I’m Vinnie’s little Bro so it’s cool. It’s good.

It sounded good, it’s one of my favorite tracks off the Album. Not just because Vinnie Paz is on it but because The Jokerr closed the song out correctly.  Actually I have music with The Jokerr. I’ve known him for years. He actually mixed and mastered the Album. He mixed & Mastered The Spirit Bomb too. I go to him for that shit cause that muthafucka is a genius!

Some might say you’re a genius. You’re very creative, and you execute very well. It’s not many people that could come up with an idea and execute it perfectly.  Man I appreciate that. 

Yes, from the artwork to the storyline, you really put out a perfected product. I’m very proud of you, I’m very proud of Majik Ninja, I’m very proud of everybody who had a part in it cause you guys made the Bay Area and

Richmond California look really good.  Good looking out Bro. I’m still just trying to grow. Still just trying to fuckin’ make my mark. That was my move right there.

Hip Hop needs to recognize the G-Mo Skee’s of the World. It’s Artists like you that are gonna take Hip Hop in the right direction.  That Album is actually kind of old. I recorded it last year and dropped it this year for some reason. We was just trying to figure shit out. I dropped an EP in between time. I wanted to put out more music, so I can wake niggas up with the EP, then give them that…That was kind of my strategy. Yeah that allbum was last year old, so I been working on some new shit.

What’s next?

Next, I’m just trying to make a bunch of songs. I don’t even know. I don’t want to put out another album yet. I don’t know, you just running through hella albums. You know what I mean? Give that shit some time, get my buzz up. Drop some freestyles, drop some singles. I just want to make music. I been downloading instrumentals, fully produced songs n’ shit here n’ there where my homies blessed me with beats. I’ve also been writing to just instrumentals. Making mixtape shit, just in this weird mood to just make a lot of music and not be confined to the Album Regulations. Shit like that, I just want to beast out!

You want to create! As long as Majik Ninja allows you the power to do so? You win. Oh yeah they totally encourage it. They want me to start dropping shit right now. I’m just like hold on man, let me make like 15 more of these muthafuckas. I have this plan of making a lot of music and just dropping a lot. You make 30 songs, you could drop 2 songs over a span of 15 months and just keep it cracking.

You mean keep it cruising. Well congratulations on all your success G- Mo Skee. I love your music, 1 World Magazine supports your movement to the fullest!

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