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A man is made not by the many times he falls (fails) in life but how many times he get’s back up and continue’s his pursuit of the goal. In March of 2014 J-Digg’s oldest Son passed away suddenly to a seizure. Then J-Diggs caught a few cases which kept him either behind bars or in his newest album’s case, on House Arrest thus giving birth to his latest album #90DayHouseArrestProject. The recent beef between he and Messy Marv has divided the streets of the Bay Area. No matter the controversy, nothing can keep this Vallejo Rap Star from doing what he does best, rhyming.

So Diggs, the #90DayHouseArrestProject, I’m looking at the back of the CD, it says Romp’d Out, tell us about the label?

Yup, Romp’d Out/Thizz. Thizz is the parent company. It’s Thizz Or Die. This shit don’t die. I dropped the #90DayHouseArrestProject the day after Dre Day on July 6. The day after Dre’s Birthday. You actually been hearing about for a long time. I was actually working on it before I had went to prison. So I had to go sit down for that year and a half. So the Album was pretty much done and I just released a few singles while I was gone cause I didn’ t really want to drop the whole album until I got home to really be able to go and get on the road and do the promotions for it. So that’s why you just now getting it. It’s all real life.

So when can we expect the tour to start?

We already started it. It’s spot date tour, so we booking shows, we get calls all the time. I’ve been around the country and back in the last 6 months. So it’s been a good look. I’ve been appreciating all the love I been getting. It’s a good look.

Your music is very underrated. Talent wise, I feel you’re on top! What keeps you so sharp on the mic?

Ahh, it just comes with years of experience. For real that shit just comes natural to me. After you been doing shit for so long it starts to become natural. This rappin’ shit is easy for me cause I aint trying to make up no whole bunch of bullshit. I really just rap my life. A lot of people be like, “Damn bro you a great story teller”, well I’m like the story is easy to tell if you know the story, if the story is you. It’s not like I’m sitting around making up the story. I’m just telling the story in art form. So I try to stick to the basics in no disrespect to all the new movements that’s out, there’s still a breed of people out there that just want to hear that regular rap, 

and that older school rap. That just want to hear that old sound that we always grew up on. So I still do it for them, that’s who I do it for. They tell me all the time, Diggs, we still want to hear it. Man like keep it there, don’t change up, don’t swith your style, don’t follow the new movement, just keep it to watch you been doing. So that’s what I been doing, I just been staying me and they been loving me for over 15 years and they still rockin’ with me. So why change now?

I totally agree with everything you just said. Especially in today’s times a lot of Artists are conforming to the new sound and a lot of Veteran Bay Area Artists are conforming to this new sound and to hear you say that is a breathe of fresh air and I respect you for that 1000%.  That’s they movement, that’s the youngstas movement. Let them have that, they can run with it. I’m a still make this music for muthafuckas that been listening to me for the last 15 years and that’s what it is. You know when they stop listening, I’ll stop making it.

You have some big names as features on this album. Tell us some of the highlights that made it memorable to you in recording this new album.  One thing about it, more than anything with the features is that its called #90DayHouseArrestProject because I shot it at my house while on house arrest for 90 days. So everybody that was on the Album pulled up to the house. So that’s what made it dope. I had dudes come from the Bay Area. I had dudes come from St. Louis. Rich Boy came from Alabama. I had Keak Da Sneak pull up. Everybody that’s really on the project. Even Spice 1, when was the last time you heard Spice 1? Yes even Spice 1 pulled up to my house, and that was all love for me. For everybody to come pull up and work with me while I did the project. That’s what made it so special, it was really that. If you get a hard copy of my album, you open it up, you’ll see us at my house, you gone see me with an ankle bracelet on with my studio in my house, workin’! That album really came from the gutter. It was really a project that was done while on house arrest. So it is what it is.

This being such a long push for this album, I’m sure you’re working on some new music. What are you cooking up next?

I haven’t even began to give my story. I got so much going on, and it’s more than music. Of course I got the Bay Commission 2 that’s coming. That’s the next project that I’m gonna drop. That’s basically a project where I’m going out and I’m grabbiing all the young, hot dudes. I did the Bay Commission 1 years ago. This gone be part 2. All the hot dudes in the Bay. The young dudes and the older dudes that got movements. Just a way to keep the Bay on fire. And to keep dudes working together. What the Nation was built on. That’s how we built the Nation (Thizz Nation) was by working together. Bringing the Bay Area together. So I’m a keep that format in line. I know people want to hear projects with all they’re favorite rappers on it. So just picture that project with everythang in the Bay on it, just making something happen. That’s gonna be a dope project to just throw in your deck and let it ride. So that’s gone be my next one. At the same time, we got the movie coming. We finally got the Mac Dre Story. We finally in the stages where we’re ready to start recording. I’m working with Beast Mode Production on a series called The Crest. It’s probably gonna get picked up by Netflix or HBO or one of them. It’s really a story about us growing up. The Romper Room growing up from kids up intil today’s date. I got a lot going on at the same time. Managing my kids. I got 2 kids that’s acting right now. One on a HBO series. The other one just shot a moviewith Marshawn, so I got a lot of shit going on, on my plate. So I’m trying to be super daddy, super rapper, super producer, super CEO. I’m trying to do it all. Man I’m trying to do it all.

I didn’t even mention my Marijuana movement. My 710 movement. I got my OG Diggs Syrup, I got the Flower line. I got the Vape Pens. We got the Mac Dre Woods coming out. It’s so much shit that we got going on. You can just look for more than music with Diggs right now. This year I’m on my real entreprenuer shit. Branching out. I’m working with my dude over at ISM Clothing. If you see it on me, I’m one of those dudes that been rocking it since day one. So I’m working with them and their clothing line. You’ll see some pictures out here floating around with me, helping push that brand. That I. Style. Myself. Movement man. So I’m working with a lot of shit. Anything that makes some sense to me, if it’s gone make some money, it’s gone make some sense, we at it. I’m in the streets still doing Diggs but at the same time, like I say I’m on my Entreprenuer shit to the next level with it.

Thank you for sharing your time with 1 World Magazine. You give the Bay Area a very solid look. Your career is a reflection of the talent, hard work and craftmanship the Bay Area is known for. Follow J-Diggs on IG and support al his movements. #1Love #1World

“That’s how we built the Nation (Thizz Nation) was by working together. Bringing the Bay Area together.”




J-Diggs is one of the most publicized Rappers in the Bay Area. His voice, movement and opinion reach further than most know. This latest album by Diggs #90DayHouseArrestProject is certainly on for the history books. Sorry Momma is heat! Take The Hardaway w/ Ampichino is sizzling! The streets are talking bout Get Money w/ Liq Sto & CML. Can’t Compare is an amazing Rap song, very creative and original. Big Thangs w/ Rich Boy & Beastly is another heated ballad. Stay Down w/ Rich The Factor & Dubb 20 is hard as fuck. Actually every song holds it’s own. Got To Get Away w/ Spice 1 & San Quinn is epic! Producer L-Finguz and the incredibly fresh, dope and different hooks separate this project from the average. I can’t stand when people say Diggs can’t rap as good as so and so or his work aint dope, NOT! Listen to Rompaugraphy 3, J-Diggs simply tells it like it is, much respect and bravo! Other pieces to this puzzle: Sean T, Keak Da Sneak, SOB Smack, Phatt Black, Ja Diggs, Sober Junkie, A One, Big Ace  Sauce Walka, Lil Cropi, Casso 100, HBO & Young Global.

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