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The High Children; Jayson aka Binary and Jamal aka Mr. E; when Oakland, California and Seattle, Washington collaborate the synergy is unbelievable. Guided by legendary Nasty-Nes, “The High Children represents having fun, staying young, inspired and taking your goals to the highest level.” (Binary)They designate sixty percent of their proceeds to The Clean Water Foundation. To date they have helped provide thirty thousand gallons of water to 3rd world countries.

Who is on your team?

Nasty-Nes, Dirty Harry, Jayson Ramos, Jamal Allen, Takeshia Seward, DJ 3rd Degree, Peter Morada and Tootsie Borromeo Jr.

What is your fondest memory growing up?

Run DMC and Break Dancing.

Biggest lesson in life thus far?

Thinking positive changes your future.

Who are your artistic influences?

Sir Mix-A-Lot, Run DMC, The Beatles, the Zombies and DJ Snake.

Top 3 producers?

Robbie Rob, DJ Premier and Q-Tip.

How would you define yourself in 3 words and why?

The High Children, cause that’s dope.

Are there any kats on your wish list to work with?

Maybe the Stray Cats but I think they broke up in the 90’s. People Under the Stairs and A Tribe Called Quest.

When you are driving around who will be found on your playlist?

Mozart, Gangstarr, Simon and Garfunkel, People Under The Stairs, The Gladiators and Large Professor.

Current and future projects?

#Throwbacks and Broken Line.

There is a great deal of talk around the ever-changing sound of Hip Hop and the industry itself – what is your take on it?

Sampling should be legal, so we don’t have to keep hearing the same sounds.

What advice would you give an artist right now?

Quit now and go to college.

What can 1World do to help you succeed?

Give us 500k?

Is there anything else you would like to add that I may have missed?

We have our own celebrity headphones and BT Speakers at We are the only rap group to play an MPC live while free styling live on Sway in the Morning. Finally, we are blessed to be under the wings and guidance of the legendary Nasty-Nes!

IG @TheHighChildren

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